Thursday, March 09, 2006

Grocery store tulips

Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity - John Rusken
Spring is seeping in, day by day. Because my connection with the outdoors is focused primarily on birds, rather than say, wildflowers, I note the changing seasons with the comings and goings of birds. Sure, I spot snowdrops and crocuses, and notice the swelling buds of the magnolia beside my front door and feel the urge to get my fingers in the dirt like any gardener, but my sense of time is very much centered on the migrations of birds.
I wonder if most people, who aren't *nature-girls* as my friend likes to call me, are aware of the subtle changes happening now. Do they notice the earlier dawn accompanied by birds tuning-up their voices for the coming spring chorus? Do they stop whatever they're doing to listen to the titmouse singing his "Peter- Peter-Peter" song? Can they hear the red-wings and the killdeer already taking claim to a space for nesting?
A co-worker found me yesterday afternoon, outside on my break, grinning from ear to ear, standing alone. "What are you doing, Laura?" How could I explain to her that I was listening to a mockingbird imitating the practice songs of a titmouse? That these two birds were singing a duet? And that I was getting a real kick out of listening to them do it?


Endment said...

your words touch the heart of the whispers of the coming spring

Thank you

LauraHinNJ said...

Yes, whispers they are, still.