Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tink the Frenchie

Bunnies come in a multitude of varieties, but I'm partial to the big ones. My Flemish Giants get a lot of wide-eyed looks from folks who've never met one before. Most recently, there was the furniture delivery guy who asked me if "they're supposed to be that big" as if I were just feeding them way too much. ;-)

Tinkerbell is a French Lop and belongs to my friend Michelle from PetBunny. The Frenchie is known for its long ears (but not so long as an English Lop) and its large size (up to about 15 pounds, right Michelle?) Tink is still a young-bun in the picture here, but will bulk up and grow into those ears soon!

Tink is the beloved companion of one of Michelle's other bunnies, Chopper, seen here flopped on his side in a moment of bunny-bliss beside Tink. I have read that French Lops are very affectionate and playful rabbits. Much like a Flemmie, it seems that Frenchies are a breed that people fall in love with once they've had the company of one. At least I know that's the case with Michelle. Thank you, Michelle, for letting me post some of your photos here!


Michelle Lewis said...

Aww. My two angels with their very own post on Auntie Laura's blog :) Yes the Frenchie's are a special breed, I cannot imagine life without one of these big beauties. They are such gentle goofy giants! And I WILL have a flemmie someday! Big bunnies are just so cool. I had to laugh at the delivery man asking if they were supposed to get that big. Once we had someone over who didn't realize Hazel (our first Frenchie) was real, when she moved the poor guy nearly freaked saying "I thought that was a stuffed animal" LOL.


Anonymous said...

What cute bunnies. Love the one flopped on her side!

linda j. said...

Awww so sweet and snuggly!

LauraHinNJ said...


There are all angles - little or big!

So, is goofiness particular to Frenchies? Boomer is kind of goofy at times, but mostly he's incredibly lazy. That boy loves a good nap! He has his moments when he flirts and throws his big ears around, but they don't last long before he's napping again.

That first photo (and many of the others I saw on your webshots album) make me think that Tinkerbell is a real diva in the making!

Simone said...

Hay, Tink looks kinda like me! With longer ears though.

Michelle Lewis said...

Well, Tink says she's 45 degrees and Chopper swears he's a right angle! LOL.

Make no mistake - naps are very important to Frenchies :) I am sure Tink could rival Boomer in the art of napping! Funny thing is she doesn't care where she is either, apparantly any spot is a good nap spot.

Tink a Diva? Ya think? Just because she thinks the world revolves around her?

LauraHinNJ said...

Tink is a big angle! I was hoping maybe no one would notice my spelling mistake - no such luck!

Boomer has his preffered napping spots - mostly on the fleece bed in his big hidey box or on the rug in front of the door (flemmie draftdodger).

What is it about girl bunnies that makes them such brats, Michelle?