Thursday, March 30, 2006

Workin' on a hole...

Found this red-belly this morning working a dead snag on our property line. I'm not sure how long he/she has been at it, but there's the makings of a nice nest hole there - it amazes me how perfectly round it is! I can see a place or two on the snag where a hole was started and then abandoned in favor if the one directly in front of the bird.


Susan Gets Native said...

Woodpeckers amaze me. I get a headache from pulling my ponytail too tight...can't imagine using my face to peck a hole in a tree.

Hope you get some little red-bellied babies!

Endment said...

Love susan k. williams' comment :)

Was out exploring yesterday and found several signs of woodpecker activity. It is so satisfying to have them close enough to watch.