Monday, April 03, 2006

Bunny self-expression

Freckles loves to throw stuff. She's pretty unassuming as girl bunnies go, but when she figures that she's been wronged, she lets you know about it by banging things. Of course, I nurture this habit by giving her lots of clunky things to make noise with. She has the usual bunny things like a set of baby keys and a rattle of sorts, but she much prefers to toss the small candy tin or the canning jar ring because the sound they make is so much more satisfying! She hops up on her shelf and throws everything off, one by one. The stuffed rabbit with extra long ears, the willow ball, the small wooden blocks; they all go. If that doesn't get someone's attention, she'll hop down to the floor and continue to toss everything around. Mostly, she wants more hay or has decided it's time for me to feed her (again!), but sometimes I think she does it just to see me come along and laugh at all the noise one little bunny can make.


bunnygirl said...

What a sweetie! Is that a Critter Castle? I had one for my last bunny but she never did like going to the top floor like that.

Katie said...

She's absolutely beautiful♪♪
I have a bunny which is a Netherlands dwarf, and he also likes hey!!

Michelle Lewis said...

Ever put all the stuff back on the shelf just to watch her do it all over again? Or for my Jack who loves to sleep in the bottom of his critter castle, I will take all of his toys and put them in there just to watch him throw them out. It's very funny because all you can see are these toys flinging out the opening but you can't see the bunny!

LauraHinNJ said...

bunnygirl: yep, it's a critter castle. I'm surprised your bunny didn't like it - everybunny here likes to play king/queen of the castle! Except the flemmies, they try, but can't fit inside.

katie: thanks for stopping by.

michelle: yes, she does that! Throws everything off just as soon as I put it back up, the little bugger! Funny about Jack! The flemmies are that way about anything (including my hands) being in their hidey-box during nap time - they push anything out with their paws and will nip at my hands to get me out!