Monday, April 17, 2006

The Martha Show

I went into NYC today to see the Martha Stewart Show. I've never been in the audience of a TV show, so when my friend Anna had a spare ticket I jumped at the chance. I'm not a big Martha fan, but it was fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at how a live TV show is produced.

I got up before dawn and caught a 6:30 train with all the groggy commuters - boy am I glad that I don't have to do that every day. It really made me appreciate my scenic drive to work. There is entirely too much hustle-bustle and general crankiness happening in the city for me. Never mind that I felt like a lost little duckling following Anna and her mom around - Penn Station and the city streets are like a maze to me.

The show taped lived today and as an audience member my job was to clap a lot and be energetic - not easy on 4 hours sleep. The show set had a kitchen and a craft area and a small greenhouse. There is a small army of staff people that attends to Martha during the commercial breaks and cleans up any spills or crumbs and has everything ready and *just so* for when the show goes on the air. On today's show, there was some soap opera actor who I never heard of (Ricky Paull Goldin)and Wolfgang Puck, the chef.

Martha made coconut macaroons and a veggie pizza with the chef. We were looking forward to the audience giveaways - we'd heard that Martha gives really good gifts - but there were only gifts for a few people. Everyone in the audience got a macaroon (sans the chocolate coating she recommended in the recipe) - so I guess that made it worth the trip. ;-) We roamed the city for a bit afterwards and had chinese dumplings for lunch before catching the train back home. Here's Anna and her mom, Flor, looking dazzled in the audience. The taped show re-runs at 6 pm here in the East on TLC - I'm off to go see if I can find myself clapping my fool head off in the audience.


Endment said...

wonderful description of your experience. sounds like you had a good day... now I don't have to go :) I well recognize the early morning rush and can really be thankful I don't have to go into the city anymore --- well - perhaps for birding in Central Park :)

Susan Gets Native said...

It's a running joke around here, but I am the biggest Anti-Martha person in the world. But it's cool that you got to be in a studio audience.
And no chocolate on your macaroons? Is the woman unAmerican?
There's a funny story that I will email to you about how much I dislike her.

LauraHinNJ said...

Never birded in Central Park - that's a trip to the city that would be worth it!