Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My brothers and me, again

Among the many photos that my mother kept secreted away in the china cabinet drawers was this, one of a set that was taken by a professional photographer when we were kids. My mother never had them printed, so all we have are the numbered proofs with this funny purplish cast. Considering that the photos were taken in the early seventies, my brothers may just have been wearing purple shirts, who knows!

I've always liked this photo and would love to someday have it retaken, with us in the same pose, as grown-ups. We wouldn't be as handsome or as sweet-looking, but the sentiment would be the same.


Susan Gets Native said...

It would be cute to have that retaken, especially if you sit in your brother's lap again.

What sweet faces!

Endment said...

Now that looks like a delightful bunch of children :) would be fun to see you all grown up.

I took a quick look through some of our old photos - spotted some pink and lavender shirts on men ...