Friday, April 07, 2006

Wild bunny

This little wildling let me take its picture this evening in between munching on the onion grass and ajuga. The wild bunnies here are pretty tame; I think they must sense the good bunny karma.

It's getting to be the time of year when wild rabbits will be nesting. Here, they seem to have a knack for digging their nests in the most inappropriate places. Please do what you can to protect them by keeping your cat indoors and your dog and lawnmower away from their nests. Every year my dog manages to find at least one nest and, despite his innocence, mangle a wild baby. If you find a nest, the best thing to do is mark the spot, keep an eye on it, and leave them alone.

A wealth of information, including a link to a national list of wildlife rehabilitators, can be found here.


bunnygirl said...

What a sweet little critter! The bunnies at the parks here will let you get quite close as long as you keep moving and stay on the running trail. But as soon as you step off the trail or stop to look at them more closely, they're gone!

Susan Gets Native said...

Of course, there is a MAJOR good-bunny-vibe around your house. I bet there are itty-bitty signs, rabbit high, in your neighborhood, pointing to your house. lol

We got our first wild bunny sighting yesterday. We have huge cottontails, and these tiny ones who have shorter ears and no white tails. Plus, in our little town, there's a population of feral bunnies in the park.

LauraHinNJ said...

Any wild animals seem to be that way - they sense your *attention* and are frightened off by it - not this little bunny, though.

Can't help but compare the wild ones to my spoiled bunch - it strikes me always how thin they are - and their little bunny legs and feet are so skinny! Someday I'll have to post some comparison pics.

It's so sad to me that domestic bunnies are let go in parks like that - poor things! I don't think mine would survive for long if they had to actually *forage* for their food - they're too accustomed to *room service*.

Really, I shouldn't make light of it - people suck when they dump domestic animals to fend for themselves!

Endment said...

we don't get many bunnies -- perhaps the woods, the fence around the garden and the foxes keep them down near the river. The one in your photo is sure cute.