Sunday, May 07, 2006

More views from Sandy Hook

I just can't seem to get enough beach plum pics - the dunes at North Pond are covered with it. Poison ivy grows like mad out there too and is just starting to green up some in this view from below the hawk watch platform. In the near distance is an occupied osprey platform and behind that is the Verranzano Bridge which connects Brooklyn and the rest of NYC to Staten Island.

Today was my volunteer day at the Sandy Hook Bird Observatory; lots of people around, but few birds from what I heard. Quite a few of the visitors today were new birders who I love to talk with - their enthusiasm is great and spring migration is a perfect time to pick up binoculars for the first time.

Somehow I forgot to bring my camera with me today, so I missed the chance to photograph the white-crowned sparrows and the hummingbirds that are coming to the center's feeders. Chipping sparrows have been moving through my yard, but I haven't seen a white-crowned yet. I've also had my hummingbird feeder out for a few weeks at home, but haven't had any, yet. For some reason, I can't seem to attract them until mid-July.

Here's another shot of the Yellow Warbler from Friday. I heard one of these singing this afternoon, but he was hidden in the foliage of a hackberry tree.


Pam in Tucson said...

Beautiful photo of the warbler. Must be wonderful to volunteer at Sandy Hook. I remember the Verrazano Bridge from my college days at NYU, but never knew there was such beautiful country on the NJ side. We've put out hummingbird feeders, too, and although we've just once seen an Anna's hummingbird drink from them, they are more popular with the woodpeckers right now. I've seen hummingbirds two or three times a day on the the salvia and penstemon; a local birding expert told me that they'll come to the feeders in a month or so, when the desert gets dry and there are fewer flowers. Maybe yours are enjoying all the spring flowers?

Jimmy said...

Cool! I just put out my hummer feeder won't be long and they will be here.Great warbler shot!

lené said...

What beautiful pictures. I didn't notice the bridge in the back of the first one until I blew it up. The second is an amazing display of feathers and blooms. Wow!

Endment said...

Great photos! I love the yellow warbler in the blossoms!
I keep wanting to get down to Sandy Hook... you tempt me even more with your descriptions.
Hummers have arrived here and are coming to the feeders. I actually put out a second feeder today... Have to keep them high so the bears don't come get them... Had more bears today small one this morning and the biggest black bear I have ever seen this evening. Lots and lots of wonderful things to see this time of the year. :=)

Patrick Belardo said...

Endment, you have to get down to "The Hook"!

Laura, have you ever tried eating a beach plum? My one experience was sour to say the least. One visitor last week told me they taste really good when really ripe. Maybe this year I'll try again.

LauraHinNJ said...

Never tried them, Patrick, but I know a few people who make jam from them.

I agree, Endment should visit *the Hook* on her way to Cape May this spring. ;-)