Wednesday, June 14, 2006

6/14/06 Mid-week bunny fix (for Michelle)

May you always rest in peace,
My darling;
May you sing with the angels
And the heavenly hosts
May you never go hungry,
Never be lonely,
Always remember that I love you,
That I miss you immensely,
That I shall never forget you.
Lastly, may you always
Be happy,
Forever and ever,
Michelle is a dear *cyberfriend* from the PetBunny List and tomorrow is her Hazel's one year Bridge Anniversary. I stole this pic from her Webshots page - hope you don't mind Michelle! I'll think of Hazel tomorrow and picture her leaping and dancing in that rainbow dappled land just beyond the sun.


Michelle Lewis said...

Aww, Laura thank you so much. Hazel was an amazing bunny and is missed each and every day.

That pic is one of my favorites, I still remember taking it. It captures her personality to a T. Nothing phased her, when we put the glasses on she just kind of looked around like "huh?" then went right back to munching hay.

Thanks again for thinking of my big beautiful girl.

gerry said...

Love the prayer - what a cute rabbit she was.

LauraHinNJ said...

Awww... you're welcome Michelle.

Go hug a bunny.

Michelle Lewis said...

Chopper says:

Wookit wady, I luv bein snuggled but enuff is enuff. I hab had ta shake da hoomin cooties offa me awl day!!! An yoo, Auntie Laura, gibbin her encouragement. *Footflick* and *Ear shake*

You're the best Laura, thanks.

TDharma said...

awesomely funny photo! Hazel looks like she was a real pal. Beautiful poem.