Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fridge art and hot rods

So this is what's on my fridge. Exciting stuff. 6 years worth of magnets (we're missing 2002) from Westside Hose Company's annual car show and a few silly bird magnets that were stockings stuffers to hold up important papers like the invite to yesterday's graduation party and the reminder card for tomorrow's appointment with the bunny vet.

I wouldn't call it art, but I'm going along with the invite from TaraDharma to post what's on your refrigerator today. I hope other people have more interesting fridges than mine. Slightly more interesting might be a pic of what's lurking inside my fridge, but let's not go there!

Today was Westside's car show and my husband as a volunteer fireman had to go and help out. I stopped by and we did the loop looking at all the cars that had come to show off. They had a really good turn out this year and beautiful weather, so I hope they made lots of money. I don't know the first thing about cars, classic or otherwise, but enjoyed taking pictures of them, mostly because it made the owners feel good for me to show an interest in their car.

I loved the colors of some of these cars - bright orange and purple and this beautiful, almost violet, blue. They were all incredibly shiny and well-cared for. These guys spend so much money on these cars, just to take them out to shows like today's. If they're lucky, they'll win a shiny trophy to go with their shiny car, but that's it.

This bright orange Studebaker truck was my husband's favorite. The whole inside of the hood was mirrored, to show off the engine, I guess. Very shiny! I liked this violet blue Edsel (I'd swear I'd heard my dad talk about Edsel's) - the color was really gorgeous in the sun. There were over 300 cars in the competition, but our friend Jimmy (that's his little red Ford in the photo above) didn't win a trophy. But then, he didn't even wax the truck up so that it would gleam in the sun like the others.


Susan Gets Native said...

I am so embarassed of the front of my fridge, I probably shouldn't share it with the blog-world. And I love classic, souped-up cars! Wish I had a purple, slick 1968 Mustang, with white leather interior and everything shiny and cool. But for now, it's a 1999 Chrysler Concorde LXi complete with two car seats. Sigh.

TDharma said...

Thanks for sharing the front of your fridge -- nuttin' ta sneeze at, Laura! A nice tidy front is also a good thing.

I love the J. Bruno & Sons truck - I wish I had one like that to bomb around in. The hood shot is excellent of the E.

Susan said...

Hi Laura,
Just wanted to say thanks for adding the link to my blog!

LauraHinNJ said...

Susan: glad to have finally added the link! HTML is such a chore to me - I'm trying to add links a few at a time, so I won't foul anything up!

Chuck Smith said...

You know, any kind of car show is good enough for those car lovers. I'm thinking of bringing my dad to a car show for Fathers' Day.