Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another look at horrible, really bad bird photos

If you've followed the comments on my bad photo post, you might've noted that Pam from Tortoise Trail did a little work on the photos. I thought it might be interesting to share the results of her *playing* - hope you don't mind, Pam!

It feels a bit like cheating to post the same photos twice, but I think you'll agree that these images are hardly the same. I'm amazed with what photo-processing software can accomplish. I routinely use a basic processing program that is free with my ISP to crop and brighten some of my photos, but I had considered these photos beyond my skills for repair. I also use PhotoShop once in a blue moon to play around with and soften a pic, but that program is so very complicated; learning to use it seems daunting. Being a lover of books, I would really appreciate it if someone out there could suggest a practical guide to improving digital pics - let me know if there is a book that has been helpful to you.

Pam also made a guess at the last (and worst) bird photo. She guessed Seaside Sparrow, but I think it's a Salt Marsh Sharp-Tailed Sparrow. Patrick is that right?


Susan Gets Native said...

Wow! The miracle of digital photography. Remember how much FILM we used to waste?

Michelle Lewis said...

OMG that's amazing. What software does Pam use? We have lame "came with the computer" or "came with the camera" software that is hardly worth the effort. I wonder how easy this is to use? I have little patience to sit a tweek.

LauraHinNJ said...

Pretty neat, huh?

Think she used Paint Shop Pro - Pam also said that she didn't work a lot at it, just enough to show me what's possible.

robin andrea said...

Ah the joys of Photoshopping. It's true some of the best of a photograph needs to be coaxed out by increasing the curves of light or darkness, or brightness and contrast. Wonderful example of what is there in the photo, and beautifully enhanced digitally.