Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bee balm

A bumblebee a bum will be,
a bumbling, grumbling bum he'll be,
who stumbles, tumbles clumsily,
a-mumbling his ho-hum hum, hee-hee!
He fumbles, thumbles, bumptiously,
a-mumbling his ho-hum hum, ho-hum!

With jumbled eyes and winglets wee,
cumbrous thighs and nimble knees,
he lumbers by the tumbleweeds,
a-rumbling his hum-drum hum, ho-ho!
He rambles by the bramble-weeds,
a-rumbling his hum-drum hum, ho-hum!

His bulby bum with ringlets three
and stinglet numb may humble thee:
No dumbbell he, this bungly bee,
a-humming his hum-de-dum hum, ha-ha!
Some bundle he, this blundery bee,
a-humming his hum-de-dum hum, ho-hum!
—Andreas Wittenstein
copyright 1985 by Andreas Wittenstein

In searching for a poem to accompany this pic I came across this charming site that I'd like to pass along. There are twenty or so animal poems, songs, and a bit of natural history for background. Fun stuff! The author's introduction to the poetry is interesting, as well. More info and a nice list of plants for pollinators is available at the Bumblebee Pages.


madcapmum said...

I love the name "bee-balm". It sounds like a relaxing after-work drink for busy drones, don't you think?

Susan Gets Native said...

I've noticed on my bee balm that I can get closer to the bumblebees while they are feeding on it. Maybe it makes them drunk? :-)

LauraHinNJ said...

Madcapmum: ;-) The drones are busy out there! It's interesting that the red bee-balm I have is ignored by all the bees - they love this purple one. I think I've read that bees can't see the color red? I meant to poke around on the web tonight and find out where the name "bee-balm" is derived from, but haven't gotten there yet.

Susan: I don't know if they're drunk, but I often find the bumblebees tucked up under the leaves taking a nap.

Susan Gets Native said...

Awww...that's so cute...napping bumblebees.