Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Big Smiles" Hydrangea

I'm not in the mood to fight with Blooger tonight to get it to post more than one pic, so I'm sharing this weird mosaic/hockneyed photo collage I made on Flickr. I've always wanted a lace-cap hydrangea and fell in love when I saw this one; a macrophylla/serrata cross. The larger outer flowers have serrated edges which is what attracted me to it - they start out a pretty lime-green and mature to a soft cream color. It should be gorgeous as it gets larger.

I'm using it to replace the Winterthur Viburnum that I planted last fall that died. I've given up on trying to grow them - the one surviving is struggling; it has hardly put out any leaves this year, but I'm trying to baby it to keep it going. Hopefully I'll be more successful with this shrub - it's planted in moist shade which it should like. We'll see.


pablo said...

Nice montage. Some people have talent. and then there are the rest of us.


Susan Gets Native said...

What happy, pretty flowers.
I have a few Pee Gee hydrangeas that do best when I don't fool with them. Who knew?
Geoff actually pulled one out while weeding by mistake and we plunked it back in and it's huge now...maybe I will go out and get some photos-it's blooming now.
Anyway, nice photo montage. :-)

TDharma said...

I love lacecaps! They are the kind of hydrangea that actually turned me on to the hydrangeas in the first place. Lovely photos.

LauraHinNJ said...

Tara: The snowball viburnums really don't do anything for me - though I do like the look of the dried flowers. Lacecaps are beautiful!