Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A rainbow of blooms

RED blooming maple
ORANGE daylilly
YELLOW "Happy Returns" daylilly
GREEN water lettuce
black and BLUE salvia
INDIGO Rose of Sharon hedge
VIOLET catmint


Susan Gets Native said...

WOW! Is all that in your yard???

MojoMan said...

Ah...summer! It's wonderful to see life in full bloom. Whenever it gets very hot, rather than complain, I remind myself what it's like in January.

jemkagily (in NJ) said...

Wow, beautiful!
And I was just thinking to myself the other day, what annuals could I plant to make a rainbow garden to amuse my little daughter, and I got stuck on blue...is that salvia annual or perennial?
Your blog is terrific. I also loved the Sandy Hook walk with your old dog. Our old dog would have loved it too (he's a 12 1/2 year old Golden, and more precious than real gold to me)!

Michelle Lewis said...

I *LOVE* your Rose of Sharon hedge :) Just gorgeous.

bev said...

And a wonderful rainbow it is! Great photos, Laura.

LauraHinNJ said...

The salvia is an annual here - think it's salvia guarantica. I love salvias!

Michelle: those bushes started out as pencil-thin sticks! Sometimes I wish they were the *single* rose of sharon variety, but they don't make as nice a hedge.

Sandy said...

I like everything. Do you have a pond, or a water feature in your yard?

lené said...

I love the flower tour, Laura. :)