Wednesday, August 16, 2006

8/16/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Yesterday was Missy's 5th Gotcha Day - I woke her from a sound sleep early this evening to take a photo of her. She's not awake enough yet in this pic to be mad at me, but before long she was giving me the evil eye, or as I call it, her *Attila-the-Bun* face. She is a very tolerant rabbit, but isn't afraid to nip me when she thinks I need it.

Two days (and a trip to the vet) after bringing her home from a pet store I brought home Freckles to be her friend and living companion. For most of the first six months with them I questioned my sanity on a daily basis. I was miserable with these two messy, timid (yet very headstrong) rabbits who wanted nothing to do with me. Little by little I learned how to *manage* normal bunny mischief. I gained their trust and fell in love. Five years and six more rabbits later I couldn't imagine a day without them in my life and in my home.

In her five years here, Missy has lived with (and lost) three rabbit friends. She has health problems and needs heart meds twice a day and is forever on and off antibiotics for a respiratory infection that never really goes away. She sleeps and *loafs* a lot these days and breathes heavy at the least bit of excitement. But, she loves to play and does the most fabulous wobbly binkies of any rabbit here. And she loves her salads and her hay. I love you Missy Bun - Happy Gotcha Day!


Michelle said...

Happy Gotcha Day Missy!!!!!! You are One LUCKY bunny :))

It's funny to look back and see how quickly just 1 can change your life - we went from 1 to 6 in 2 years!

Laura, I don't recall the heart issue with Missy - though I am so scatterbrained sometimes and I know she first got sick last spring/summer and I was a mess - is she on lasix for the heart?

Susan Gets Native said...

As a person who has every animal EXCEPT rabbits in my house, I have to ask: what are "wobbly binkies"?
It sounds cute, whatever it is!

LauraHinNJ said...

Michelle: Funny how bunnies are so *addicting* - why is that?

Missy is on Lasix and another heart med - she takes them like a dream!

Susan: Sorry for using specialized technical bunny language! A *binky* is this thing that rabbits do, sort of a dance, with a jump and a twist thrown in for good form, when they're happy or feeling silly. If you have guinea pigs - know how they *popcorn* - it's like that but spread out in space and just beautiful to see! Missy's binkies are sort of wobbly because her hind legs are weak (she was almost paralyzed in her back legs last summer because of her heart issues) - she stumbles sometimes, but then will race around and jump and twist (and often land with a wobble and thud) - doesn't faze her at all! It's pretty cute - you should see my 20lb. flemmies do binkies - WHOA!

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks for the bunny-jargon lesson. It sounds adorable!
The only thing around here that comes close is that Nellie does the "hyena run", which is when she tucks her butt in and runs around like a goober.

bunnygirl said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Missy! You sure are a lucky bun!

Lynne said...

Happy Day Missy and Laura! I SOOO look foreward to your mid-week bunny fix pix. Today I had to peek even before my coffee!

Sandy said...

She does look a dite grumpy! But I probably would too, if someone woke me up for a photo.

How do the bunnies do in the heat of summer?

silverlight said...

Cute Gotcha Day for 'Missy'.
I always check up for my bunnie fix.

LauraHinNJ said...

Glad you all like the bunny fix - I'm having a hard time with pics lately - everybunny is so sleepy all the time!

Sandy: they don't like the heat, but I don't have AC. They've got fans, and if it's really awful I can put an AC unit in the window for them. Plenty of bunnies live outside in the heat, but I try to keep my guys comfortable.

KickingRocksAtKids said...

Ooh you have a nice bunny.