Thursday, September 14, 2006

9/14/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Has anyone noticed that the mid-week bunny fix has moved more towards the weekend? I originally started posting bunny pics on Wednesdays back in the spring because that is my teaching night. The bunny fix is an easy post that I can do quickly when I'm brain dead after working the day job and then teaching my class until 9 pm. Anyway, I'm teaching on Thursdays this semester so the bunny pics will be appearing on Thursdays until some time in December when the semester ends.

Back to Peeper, the bunny by the window. Our routine is for her to have a half hour or so of *out time* in the morning before I go to work. She chews on the door edges of her cage until I let her out. That sound drives me crazy so it's an effective strategy on her part. Once I'm home in the evening and settled I let her out again to romp and play for a bit. We're still at the stage where I feel the need to supervise her out time because she likes to get into things. She digs at the floor and the carpet. She pulls papers out of the wastebasket. She races around the room, literally bouncing off the walls. A few times I have come into the room to find her perched on my desktop. She jumps straight from the floor, up three feet, to the top of the desk. But her favorite thing to do is to sit on the hope chest and look out the window. None of the other bunnies have ever done that so it amuses me and I take a lot of pictures of her there.


bunnygirl said...

Yes, I was bummed the first time a Wednesday passed without a bunny. :-( But thanks for explaining!

Peeper is a sweetie! What a lucky girl to have found such a nice home!

Susan Gets Native said...

She looks like an angel bunny.
And she sounds like a lot of fun. Lucky you!

Hasty Brook said...

I think Peeper looks like a bunny coming out of the mist in Brigadoon! (I love that movie!) It sounds like she's settling in as a wonderful house bunny.

pablo said...

#3 Son is back from college for the weekend, and he's brought his bunny who now resides in our kitchen (!). They will go back on Sunday, so it's not much of an intrusion. And she's cute.

Michelle said...

Awww Peepers has wormed her way into your heart - as they all do :) Not sure how I am gonna deal with it when I find a home for Toodles.

Peepers looking out the window reminded me of our first bunny who - because of the way the couch was situated - would lay in the windowsill and watch the world go by. I will have to scan some pics!

Nosey rubs to Peeps!

dguzman said...

this is my first mid-week bunny fix. hello to peeper from niblet and me. niblet also advises peeper to act calm and don't dig while mommy is around; then she'll let you out all the time and you can have your run of the place....

Fiona Bun said...

Peepers is a cutie!

LauraHinNJ said...

Fiona Bun: Yes and she seems to get cuter everday. Right now she is shedding, but only on her butt, so she looks like she's part wooly mammoth. Quite comical!

dguzman: Thanks for the advice from Niblet. Peeper would happily have the run of the place - not sure the other bunnies would like that so well.

Michelle: Is it possible not to get attached, knowing Toodles will be going to a new home?

I would love to see some pics of Miss Bunns someday! When I see Peeper by the window - I'm tempted to go outside and take her pic and post it here titled "how much is that bunny in the window?" - maybe I will!

Pablo: You sound a little happier about the bunny in the kitchen than you did about the bunny in the basement.


You just wait - we'll get you to be a bunny-lover too! How did your son get a bunny?

Lynne: She is pretty in the sunshine, no?

Susan: Oh she's a lot of fun - and eats like a horse! Wish she wouldn't dig so much, but that will stop once I find a box or something for her to dig in.

Bunnygirl: I know you like the bunny fix - sorry to have changed it without warning. ;-)

clearbrook said...

Peeper, we tag you! read our blog for the rules of the game!
--Samwise and Frodo bunnies