Monday, September 11, 2006


"Twilight is a time for sharing - and a time for
remembering - sharing the fragrance of the
cooling earth - the shadows of the gathering dusk -

Here our two worlds meet and pass - the
frantic sounds of man grow dimmer as the light
recedes - the unhurried rhythm of the other
world swells in volume as the darkness

It is not strange that discord has
no place in this great symphony of sound-
it is not strange that a sense
of peace descends upon all living things-
it is not strange that
memories burn more brightly-as the things of
substance lose their line and form in the softness
of the dark-

Twilight is a time for sharing- and a
time for remembering-remembering the things of
beauty wasted by our careless hands-our frequent
disregard of other living things-the many songs
unheard because we would not listen-

Listen tonight with all the
wisdom of your spirit-listen too with
all the compassion of your heart-
lest there come another night-
when there is only silence-

A great


*Really bad pic of the Tribute in Light taken this evening from the North Beach Observation Deck at Sandy Hook. A small group of strangers met in the gathering dusk. The sunset on the bay was fantastic, night herons and small flocks of canada geese flew past us at eye level, and the lights from NYC lit up the clouds.


Sandy said...

I like that very much. What a great way to observe the day. I didn't realize you were so close to the city. I must say that your posts are giving me a whole new picture of New Jersey, and I like that picture.

MojoMan said...

What a wonderful reflection on the way one feels as the sun fades away. Oh, how I've felt like that at twilight!

Was there just one beam of light, or two?

NatureWoman said...

That's a neat photo. I was wondering how close you are to the city. We stayed in NJ on our Horticulture Trip in April - I couldn't believe how close it was to everything (distance-wise) in NYC. The traffic is another story. . .

Lynne said...

Oh Laura-
Those are some amazing words you chose to narrate you photo. Very moving- wonderful post.