Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Costume party, anyone?

My big brother (looking ghoulish above) has had Halloween Costume parties for years. There hasn't been one in a few years, but this Saturday he's picking up the tradition again. They're great fun and my brother and sister-in-law really go all out with decorating the house and having lots of good food. The two of them are also the most creative with coming up with costume ideas and think of the best things. My father was also great with his costumes and seemed to get a real kick out of doing the unexpected. The pic above is from 1990, I think, in the time leading up to the Gulf War. Dad went as a sheik, complete with oil can. Another year he wore the most outrageous wig as Howard Stern. My husband and I have always struggled to come up with a costume - and this year is no different. Neither of us have any idea what to go as. So far the DH's only suggestion has been that I wear bunny ears and he'll borrow the dog's Xmas antlers... we're badly in need of some creative thinking on this. The pics from the first year we attended (in rented clown suits) have mysteriously gone missing. I thought we looked adorable, but my husband was humiliated by the experience. The following year, in a nod to our common love of coffee (and in tribute to how we met - while I was in college working at a 7-11) we went as coffee with half-n-half. I thought I did a pretty good job of recreating the artwork on both the coffee can and the carton of milk, but we couldn't sit down or eat easily with the costumes on.
Dad as Arnold Schwarzenegger and my brother Brian as a box of tide. His wife that year did a fine impression of a dirty pile of laundry.
This was an easy costume for us to do. My DH wore his turnout gear (he's a volunteer fireman) and I went as his dalmation, complete with bone and hydrant.

Each year the stakes seem to be raised in terms of a great costume; my brother is just too creative for the likes of me! I find myself anticipating what they will come up with, yet I'm always surprised. If anyone has any last-minute easy ideas for costumes I would love to hear them.


Lynne said...

A girlfriend and I took 2 boys to a Sadie-Hawkins dance in high school as "Baa Baa Black Sheep and Three Bags of Wool"

how about a doctor(lab coat, stethescope and chart) and a patient (stocking feet and hospital gown, with or without a robe!)

Susan Gets Native said...

Laura, you crack me up!
I have no ideas for you. I can't even find costumes for my kids this year.

My costume this year: An orange T-shirt with a picture of a bat, with the caption, "Bite me. Oh, and by the way, Happy Halloween."

LauraHinNJ said...

Lynne: I don't get it!

The doctor and patient idea sounds do-able - thanks!

Susan: Isn't my dad cute as Arnold? All night he walked around flexxing his muscles like that and saying, "I'll be back."

My DH and I usually go with a couple costume, but one year he was a stick in the mud and wouldn't dress up. So he went with my SIL as *black and blue* - each of them dressed all in either black or blue. I went with my brother as two farmers. If I need to I may just buy him a t-shirt like you mentioned. He doesn't like to dress up, but I do when I can think of something!

bunnygirl said...

Has your DH got a khaki trenchcoat, or can you get one at a thrift store? Add five o'clock shadow, a fedora, and a pack of cigarettes, and he's a Bogey-style detective. (Magnifying glass to drive home the "detective" point is optional.)

Doll yourself up as a mysterious '40s femme fatale client, and you're set!

Okay, so it's not terribly original, but since you say your DH isn't crazy about dress-up, at least his costume would be easy and macho.

silverlight said...

Your Dad as a Sheik complete with oil can. Geez wheez, but that is absolutely hilarious!!!

LauraO said...

Love the fireman/dalmation combo. How about a wild rabbit for you and oh, maybe Green Man for him? A bunny suit should be fairly easy. Green Man - green jeans and shirt, decorated with leaves, twigs, acorns etc. You can do wonders with a hot glue gun and a walk in the woods. Fairly comfortable for him and at least you both could sit down LOL.

bev said...

Enjoyed the photos of your family's costumes. Looks like everyone was having fun. Loved the fireman and dalmation costumes. I don't have much in the way of ideas for costumes. I hear that pirates are the "in" thing this year -- and those are usually pretty easy to improvise -- however, I expect might find yourself lost among the crowd of other pirates.

Susan Gets Native said...

Let's see...
Peanut butter and jelly
Santa and elf
Bacon and eggs
Sun and moon
Twiddledee and Twiddledum
Mickey and Minnie
Donald and Daisy
8 track and cassette
Little Red Riding hood and wolf

Randa said...

Or how about "Little Dead Riding Hood"...wear a white blouse and short skirt and red cape; hold a basket, and paint your face 'ghoulishly'!

Susan Gets Native said...

Good one, Randa!

pablo said...

I've seen people attach a box of cereal to a shirt with lotsa red paint dripping from it and a few plastic knives stuck in it. After people guess a few times you tell them you're a "cereal killer."

LauraHinNJ said...

I found this site that has lots of unique ideas - been laughing most of the afternoon at it!

Madcap said...

My daughter's going as a butterfly-peacock-princess-fairy thing with silver cardboard wings. How 'bout it? If you do, I want to see a picture!

Pam/Digging said...

We were a brick and bricklayer one year, and it was a hit. As the brick, you're in a box and can't sit down. You can dance though!

LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks everyone for the ideas. I found an easy project on the site I linked above and we pulled it off pretty well - won a prize and all. Will post some pics tomorrow.