Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sunlight through dirty windows

Summer's officially over - we took the awnings off the outside of the house today. We have them on the west side windows, and this year had them recovered for the first time in fifteen or so years and added awnings to the south-facing windows as well. Having awnings on the south side of the house kind of defeats the purpose of calling this a sunporch, but the room gets blazing hot in the summer and I worry for the bunnies who live out there without any AC. The awnings make the house feel dark like a cave, but at least it's a somewhat cooler cave. I'm glad to see them go in the fall and welcome the sunlight, especially in the late afternoon when it streams into the kitchen and living room. The outside of the house looks very plain without the pretty blue and white striped awnings, though.

Unfortunately, all that light coming into the house makes the dust that much more visible. So today was window-cleaning day. I hate cleaning windows and would happily pay someone hundreds of dollars to not have to do it. Some women like cleaning, but there is no joy in it for me. I like a clean house, just wish I didn't have to do the work to keep it that way. We've been avoiding doing it because of the expense, but finally bought new blinds to replace the ones we had on the porch. I'm not so sure I really like these white ones with the wood paneling in the room, but the *fake* wood grain ones won't match and look really cheap. The real wood ones, like the ones we replaced, are so expensive that I wouldn't even consider them! Anway, I'm glad now to have clean windows (on the porch at least; that's as far as we got today) and new blinds that aren't covered with dust. The bunnies ought to appreciate that, too. ;-)

The next order of business for that room - not tomorrow, I'm heading to Cape May for the day - will be to scrub down the paneling and dust the bookshelves. My old computer desk needs to find a new home and we have to start thinking about replacing the front door and doing something with the ceiling tiles. Both are looking a bit tired. Speaking of tired, I'm off to bed, with the hope that I'll drag myself up early enough to make it to Cape May by 10 am.


bunnygirl said...

Yay, a bunny picture! And how appropriate is it that the box says "Fragile"?

Delicate little critters. But so much fun!

Lynne said...

Waiting for pictures and stories!!!

lené said...

It's amazing how much prep there is at the end of summer. I'll be putting the plastic up on my early 1800's, very leaky windows soon. Not quite the same--but still the homefront kind of necessities.

LauraHinNJ said...

Bunnygirl: They are fragile - I think the same about the box with the arrows pointing to the bunny!

Lynne: Some pics are up, didn't get many nice ones, though. ;-(

Lene: Oh I'd hate to have to put plastic over the windows! I've thought of it for the sunporch though because it is cold out there with all those windows. Most people do spring cleaning - but I'm a little behind, I think!