Thursday, November 16, 2006

11/16/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Just passing along a link to a favorite bunny site this week. If you're looking for bunny-themed holiday cards or what-have-you check out Rabbitt in Paradise. Blackberry Bunny lives at the beach in Hawaii.


Cindy said...

what a wonderfulll whimsical image.. I love it!!

This will be my 2nd yr of no tree.. my spaz dog thinks every ornament is a toy.. no fun :)

Madcap said...

I love that picture, especially how they've stylized the bunny. But don't bite that cord!

LauraHinNJ said...

I bought all my Xmas cards last year from Rabbitt in Paradise - they're really fun and all feature little Blackberry bunny.

Cindy: Too bad about not having a tree - I would really miss it. The problem we often had was the dog's tail knocking the glass ornaments to the floor. Thank goodness he never tried to play with them!