Monday, March 26, 2007

Just in case

"What did you find in the fields today,
you who have wandered so far away?
I found a wind-flower, small and frail,
and a crocus cup like a holy grail;
I found a hill that was clad in gorse,
a new-built nest, and a streamlet's source;
I saw a star and a moonlit tree;
I listened... I think God spoke to me."
-- Hilda Rostron
Just in case Spring hasn't yet found its way to you in the form of a Phoebe or a Crocus, I'll allow you this less than wonderful view of both in the meantime. This wasn't the Phoebe's favored perch, of course, but he had to find another when I took a bench seat beneath his chosen hawking perch overlooking a sunlit corner of a farm field.

I found other things too, but they'll have to wait for another day.


KGMom said...

Oh, yes, spring is in the air. All sorts of things are waiting for us to see--to hear--to discover.

Body Soul Spirit said...

What a perfect poem! I will copy that out for my desk. Once I was a Girl Guide leader and Phoebe was my chosen name. But I have never seen one...yet.

Mary said...

Oh, Laura. You are so exquisite with your words. Are you thinking up a post during the day during your few spare moments? Or, do you sit down at night and come up with such fabulous posts. Wonderful. I have only seen one Phoebe in January on campus. I'll need to walk more often...

Share more findings, please :0)

Larry said...

I was very encouraged when I found an Eastern Phoebe the other day.-I've been enjoying reading your posts tonight. I ran in to a problem with being able to get on to your blog for a while.

Laurie said...

I actually really liked your top photo. It spoke to me. The color is beautiful and the slightly out of focus look is quite wonderful. I look forward to seeing more.

Lynne said...

I have printed that poem to keep tonight too! Very nice- thanks!

MojoMan said...

Thanks for the lovely post and poem.

Do you hear voices, too?

Liza Lee Miller said...

Spring is here, of course but still your Phoebe is lovely and quite welcome! Loved that poem!

z said...

Phoebe birds and a Spring flower. Perfect.

threecollie said...

Beautiful birds. It is so inspiring to have the migrants returning. In a few weeks I will hate the grackles for nest raiding all over our little spruce plantation, but right now I am glad to see them back.

LauraO said...

Nice phoebe photo Laura.

mon@rch said...

Love the Phoebe! They do always have that one spot that they love to sit!

dguzman said...

I'm still hoping to see a phoebe--supposedly they are plentiful in my area, but I've still never seen or even heard one (that I recognized, anyway). Thanks for the pics and the poem!

Sandy said...

No flowers here yet, Laura, but the air sure feels like spring. I can hardly wait to get out and see what is going on. Enjoy the crocus, they don't last long.

LauraHinNJ said...

Sandy:I hope the snow has finally stopped in Maine!

Delia: I think now is the time to see them, when there aren't any leaves to hide them and there aren't any other birds around that feed the way they do. Sunny woodland edges near sreams are a good place to look.

Monarch: Yes, wherever the bugs are.

Laura: Thanks.

threecollie: Grackles are neat birds - boat taileds are my favorites with their really strange sounds.

z: They're what spring is all about, right? Have you gotten any of my emails? None of my comments are showing up on your blog, either. Strange.

Liza: Your black phoebes are pretty neat too.

Mojoman: I need some excuse for all the talking to myself I do.

Lynne: Yep, the poem was a nice find - glad you liked it.

Laurie: Thanks - the soft focus filter hides lots of mistakes!

Larry: Sorry about that - glad you're back to visiting again.

Mary: I'm making this up as I go along - aren't you?


Ruth: I hope you find your Phoebe!

KGMom: I love how there is something new almost every day.