Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring beauties

These small pinkish white flowers are litle more than half an inch across, but when you find a nice patch of them dappling a meadow or woodland the effect is lovely. These and squill were the most numerous wildflowers on the brookside trail that I visited today. Hal Borland says Spring Beauties are also sometimes known as Quaker Ladies and oldtimers might know them as Patience, though he claims to not know why. Could it be that they bloom just when we need patience the most in our wait for Spring?

Today's weather gave no hint of the storm to come tomorrow. Everyone seemed to have the same idea as me; to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while it lasted.

I went to two spots today looking for early blooming flowers; one had lots (more pics to come) and another had none. I don't know enough about wildflowers to understand why that is, but wonder how to find more places where pretty groundlings like spring beauties bloom.


Jimmy said...

They are a very beautiful wildflower...I have them growing in my garden. I know places where you can not walk with stepping on them...hundreds of them.

John said...

I think the key is to watch carefully for them. I find they are easier to spot if I am consciously looking. Plus I tend to find more in the less manicured spots. Spring Beauties are aptly named.

Larry said...

Wildflowers may not always be as showy, but I find them much more interesting.

Carol said...

I love seeing the first Spring Beauties blooming in the spring. They are a welcome site. I know some people who have wooded lawns where the Spring Beauties grow, and they always wait until these have bloomed before they mow.

Mary said...

I am drawn to the wildflowers more often, Laura. Nice photo!

Our hint of the storm began in earnest around 8pm and now it's gaining momentum...
An hour north of us will be getting pounded with hail and several inches of snow...incredible.

LauraHinNJ said...

Jimmy: That sounds very beautiful!

John: I agree! These were easy to find, but I walked past a nice patch of trout lilies a few times before noticing them.

Maybe because I'm so used to looking up for birds, it feels strange to be studying the forest floor for flowers!

Larry: Their beauty is a bit quieter, but no less pretty, I agree.

Carol: Hi! Surely they're worth the wait - so pretty!

Mary: Stay safe! Snow - are you kidding? I thought it would be just rain.

DK & The Fluffies said...

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts ~DKM

vicki said...

Good Morning(yawn). It's 4 am but the change in air peassure and sudden drop in temp. woke me. Here in Florida we sat at a still and muggy 89 all day and just these past minutes the winds are picking up, the temperature is dropping and the cats and I are porch sitting, enjoying the first wave of storm front sweeping west to east. Thus far it feels refreshing.

When I first saw this, I thought Hepatica! with warm memories of cool Northern Springs. But, although this looks similar to round lobed hepatica, it's not even the same family. 6 petals versus 5. Purslane versus buttercup. I think all these years I've been looking at two wild flowers as one. Huh. I like Quaker Ladies- good name.

You did a great job of handling the dubious Thinking Blogger award- thank you for the new links. I was sizing photos and didn't get back until just now to see.

Stay snug with your bunnies during the big weather. It's definitely on the way.

Jayne said...

Patience can be a beautiful thing, no? ;c)

Mark said...

I like the subtle color varieties you can find these in. Some more pink/purple lined than others. Maybe it has to do if they are happier where they are growing or not! :-)

KGMom said...

Thanks for teaching me so much about various flowers. And on this rainy rainy day, their beauty is most welcome.
Try to stay dry over the next days. PA is getting soaked right now; hope you are OK in NJ.

Liza Lee Miller said...

The best part of driving most of the length of California was seeing the wildflowers . . . gorgeous!

Cathy said...

The brookside trail . . . the brookside trail and Spring Beauties at your feet. Sweet patience -

mon@rch said...

I just love these wildlfowers! I can't wait for our Spring Beauties to come out here soon in my area.

LauraHinNJ said...

DKM: Still sending hugs your way.

Vicki: I'm only just learning wildflowers, so anything is possible, but I'm reasonably sure these are spring beauties. I took a few photos that I have no clue about - wildflower ID books are hard to learn to use, even for a plant person like me. I think I might be better off with a photographic guide, though I'm not sure there is such a thing.

Jayne: Patience and a few sunny days, yes!

Mark: When I first found these a few weeks ago, they seemed pinker - these look very white - and the stamens are white instead of the golden yellow I expect?

KGMom: Like any good teacher I'm learning as I go!

Liza: I imagine huge fields of wildflowers there. These are just tiny things you have to search for in the woods - fun to find though!

Cathy: I'd imagine that brookside trail is flooded today!

Monarch: I've been looking in lots of ditches for Coltsfoot (at your suggestion) but still haven't found it. ;-(