Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday bunny fix

Delia at Beginning to Bird was fixin' for a bunny fix so here's a pic of Freckles lounging in the clover patch beside our pond.

Freckles is the most unassuming of bunnies; she's as happy to nap all day as she is to race around the living room when given an opportunity. She's hardly ever grumpy and never bossy. She doesn't get as much attention from me as she ought to simply because she is so undemanding compared to the others. She loves to sit on my lap in front of the TV and be petted, but there's something about her fur that sends me into fits of itchiness so I don't treat her to lap time very often.

After her photo shoot outside today I took the opportunity to pluck some of the offensive fur that she's been shedding like mad the last few weeks. I was glad to see the tufts of fur landing like feathers on the lawn, but I think half of it found its way right back into my eyes. Argghhh!


Mary said...

Gosh, Laura, you really know how to get a good photo. Freckles is adorable and it looks like she's loving her outing :o)

I understand about fur. A few of my cats had fur that made me go wild with allergic reactions so I didn't hold them often. I brushed them outside, also, and watched the fur fly.

RuthieJ said...

Freckles--a cute name for a cute bunny. I love those long floppy ears.

vicki said...

Oh, a fix, a fix! She's lovely, with all of her speckles and spots. And clearly, a grateful bunny, too- happy to have a good home.

Why am I not surprised that KG identified and FC knew the how-to? I love sweet peas and all of their lovely relatives.

KGMom said...

What a sweetie of a bunny.
Is there anything particular in bunny fur that would make you itch? Like cats have a protein in their saliva that makes some people itch?

bunnygirl said...

Aw... how could such kissable-looking fur be itchy? It's gotta be your imagination! ;-)

Dave said...

Shedding or molting? :)

Susan Gets Native said...

Hmmm..allergic to one and not the others?

rcwbiologist said...

This post brings back memories of our pre-children years. At one time, we had 4 lops. My wife has been hinting she would like another, it has been 6 years since we've had rabbits. I best not let her read your post or we may have another member added to the zoo.

LauraO said...

I'm just hopeless when it comes to anything with floppy ears. She's a real cutie pie...and I bet she knows it, too.

Lynne said...

Freckles is a real sweety-pie! She looks so happy in her clover patch! Buddy loves to go outside too.

LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks, Mary!

RuthieJ: Yep - she's a cutie.

Vicki: She knows nothing other than the spoiled life!

KGMom: I'm not sure, but it's only her fur that bothers me. Strange.

Bunnygirl: Ha! It sticks to me eyeballs - that's not my imagination!

Dave: She's just a mess - her fur comes out in big tufts. She looks homeless, as a friend of mine likes to say about her own shedding bunnies.

SGN: Strange, I know.

RCWBiologist: Ohh - let her get a bunny!

LauraO: Lol! The ears are floppy, but she can still move them around enough to manipulate me with her cuteness.

Lynne: They hardly ever get out anymore, but she had fun yesterday. More than once I had to stop her from a nose-dive into the pond unawares!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Totally needed that!

dguzman said...

SWEET--thank you! I needed that. I love Freckles!