Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sea legs

The DH and I had a wonderful surprise today. A friend of his just bought a boat and took us along on a ride. Is there anything better than a friend with a boat?

We had the pup along for what we thought was just a walk at the riverside park; before we knew it, we were cruising up the river to where it meets Sandy Hook Bay. We had a nice lunch dockside at a restaurant on the bay - and Luka even behaved himself pretty well! I only wish I'd had my camera along to be able to share a pic of him with his big ears flapping in the wind on the boat.

It was a great start to the long Labor Day weekend. The views were lovely and we had fun! I grabbed this pic off the internet, but it shows one of the views we had along the way - Twin Lights - which I wrote a bit about in
this post.

I'm going to try very hard to get back to something like a regular blogging schedule soon. I'm finished with that god-awful training at work finally, and hope to be able to pay more attention to things now. I did very well on the tests and have a new position where I'll need to forget everything I've just been trained in and learn something new. But there won't be a gazillion tests this time! Two in our group of seven did not pass and are out of a job now. That really sucks. I felt so badly on Friday when we got the news.

So how is everyone else spending this last weekend of summer? Share, please!


Ruth said...

Glad you can enjoy the long weekend knowing you successfully finished your training. But every job consists of ongoing learning and change. Congratulations!

bunnygirl said...

Sounds like your weekend is off to a great start! Not having the training to worry about is a great quality-of-life enhancer. That's unfortunate about the people who didn't pass, though. I hope they find something else quickly. Sometimes these things are a blessing, but they rarely seem so at the time.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Congrats, Laura. That's awesome! Your surprise boat trip sounds awesome too!

Lynne said...

How am I spending the last weekend of summer? Work, work and work!
Oh well, I DID get my registration flyer for Cape May! Hooray!!
Congrats on doing so well on your exams. I'm glad it went well. We missed you around here.


Floridacracker said...

As a boat owner, let me congratulate you on your wisdom. It is better to have a friend with a boat! That whole "hole in the water into which one pours money" is quite true.

Luka must have loved it.

Sandy said...

Congratulations on your new job, Laura. I know these last few weeks, have been stressful for you.

So Luka is a good sea dog! I wonder why dogs love to ride in cars and boats so much?

We are just taking it easy this long weekend. I plan on spending some in the garden tomorrow to take advantage of our beautiful weather.

Mary said...

I'm glad to hear you finished your training - not surprised you did well. Sad for those who didn't :o/

I've been lazy with blogging, too, Laura.

We'll get it back soon.

Spending the weekend enjoying some cooler temps. That's all.

Jean said...

Celebrating BIL's BD and clearing the garden out- it was a real bummer this year- the heat I guess.

Larry said...

I'm spending the last weekend of summer excitedly panticipating Fall-Oh boy do I love Fall!

Cathy said...

Congratulations, Laura! It must be so good to have that behind you.

Yes - a friend with a boat is a very good thing.

Weekend is over. Did an outside movie with neighbors and photographed bugs under rocks:;0)

dguzman said...

I'm with Larry--I'm all geeked-up about the coming autumn! I spent my weekend outside, cleaning feeders and bird baths, enjoying the cool weather and sunshine, and studying like mad to understand this whole calculus thing.