Monday, November 12, 2007

The long way home

"Or you could be the one who takes the long way home
Roll down your window, turn off your phone
See your life as a gift from the great unknown
And your task is to receive it
Tell your kid a story, hold your lover tight
Make a joyful noise, swim naked at night
Read a poem a day, call in well sometimes and
Laugh when they believe it"
--Mary Chapin Carpenter from "The Long Way Home"

I'm calling in well tonight.


Mary said...

We all need to call in well sometimes. We wander and want and sometimes the need is overwhelming.

You call in well. GO LAURA!

nina said...

That's a lovely thought--and a lovely image.
I always love the round bales.

Ruth said...

Beautiful picture and verse. I like the thought, "calling in well" too.

Patrick Belardo said...

And I thought I was going to hear about a Supertramp song...

dguzman said...

Enjoy your wellness! Don't get worse soon!

Endment said...

I needed that quote today
Enjoy this day in health!

Amy said...

Mmmm... the long way home provides such a balm for the soul. After leaving the office at 9 p.m., I'll take the circuitous route on Pacific Coast Highway, with the window down and silence or Muse as my companion.

LauraHinNJ said...

Mary: I think I had used that *not in the mood* cow photo too recently, so 'calling in well' seemed like a good alternative.

Nina: Yes - I saw that you had included some pics on your blog.

Ruth: Yes, I should try to do it more often.


Patrick: Supertramp? Is that the song in my head?

Delia: Funny!

Endment: Yes - I will, thanks.

Amy: Sounds like a good way to end the day. Enjoy!