Thursday, November 15, 2007


A gift from the spring garden.

Cathy at Looking Up is sharing the nicest sort of meme on her blog and I thought it might be nice to play. The idea is that I'll send along some little gift to the first three people that comment here, so long as you continue the giving by posting the same meme on your own blog. I'd like to think up some way for people who don't have blogs of their own to play along, as it seems you all are always left out of the fun, so maybe I'll dream something up for that possibility.

Cathy explains that the gift needn't be of any real value, but should instead be motivated by the beauty of sharing some small part of yourself, or something you make with your hands, or grow in your garden.


Cathy said...

Yea! Laura! You're my third participant in the Present meme.
Sometime in the future you'll be receiving your little 'something'.
(hopefully not TOO future, but my friend is giving herself a year to do her gifting ;0)
I'll need your name and address - which you can send to mushduckAtyahooDOTcom.

Webtoad said...

I think I need to look up 'meme' before I actually post anything here. I thought memes came in colors. The 'green' meme being environmentalists, 'purple' people that have achieved 'vision-logic,' whatever that is. I can never keep my memes straight.

Oh, and as a hint: Anything is good and useful when made of dark chocolate.

Now what did I just commit to do in return?

Dr. Know said...

Hmmm... Does this make you a bleeding heart? ;-)

Mary said...

Beautiful photo and nice idea!

dguzman said...

You're so awesome....

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm not sure that any of you are really interested in receiving the bits of bunny fuzz glewed together with puppy drool that I might tinker together in my spare time, but if so, send me an email to lc-hardyATcomcastDOTnet with your address.

And remember your end of the deal: carry the meme on your own blog to keep it going.