Saturday, November 03, 2007


This is what happens when you put a bored kid with a camera in the backseat while you and her mom drive around looking at scenery. She also took pics of the contents of my purse. And the sandy floor mats. Lots of pics of sandy floor mats.

Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight. (Yes, I'm doing the happy dance because of that extra hour of sleep!) Although now that I think about it, it means that Luka will have me up at 4 to pee.


I'm at the bird observatory tomorrow so there'll be beach pics for those of you missing the shore.


Ruth said...

I think that bored child has talent with the camera! Nice shot.

Mary said...

Great shot! I dread dark at 6pm.

rcwbiologist said...

Last week I took our camera to take some pictures of a Cub Scout event we went to. When I tried to take a picture, it said the card was full. This had never happened before. Come to find out, my wife let the 4 year old use the camera and there were 279 pictures on it. Needless to say I had to delete a few to take pictures of what I wanted.

Dr. Know said...

Which means I'll have to get up an hour earlier to utilize the daylight. All this clock switching stuff - The Aboriginese have the right idea. Say, who's the babe in the rearview mirror... ;-)

Susan said...

Why don't we get to see the photos of the inside of the purse???? The rearview mirror pic is great!

Susan Gets Native said...

Isabelle had my camera when she went with Geoff to visit his great-great-great aunt...Aunt Frances has a very old roommate, and Isabelle took 20 pictures of her while she slept sitting up in a wheelchair! (We also got quite a few "Geoff-butt" shots, too)
I like that picture of you! It's rare that you are in front of a camera. Pretty Laura.

Dave said...

That is a nice shot! I like it.

david santos said...

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Larry said...

Nice photo-It seems like we are getting a glimpse in to the mind of a thinking blogger.

dguzman said...

Great shot of you! That kid's got talent.

The kitties woke me up an hour early too. Ugh. I hate DST up here; in Texas it wasn't so bad because the days were still longer in winter than the longest summer days here. In PA, however, a winter day goes by in a flash. sigh.

LauraHinNJ said...

Ruth: 1 out of 100 ain't bad, I guess...

Mary: Me too, I'm really discombobulated (sp.?) already.

rcwbiologist: It's kind of neat, though, to look at the world through a 4 year-old's eyes?

dr. know: ;-)

The time change does seem sort of foolish these days.

Susan: Hmmm... tissues, receipts, spare change - exciting photography, mostly out of focus!

Susan: I'd say a nice picture is rare.

Dave: Thanks.

Mr. Santos: I'm leaving your spam comment just because it cracked me up so!

Larry: Bwaaa haha.

Delia: I know what you mean. I'll be plenty cranky before long.