Friday, November 30, 2007

Visiting with trees

"What did the tree learn of the earth to confide in the sky?" --Pablo Neruda

Another of Neruda's questions to ponder on a Friday night. This is one of the local trees that I keep track of and photograph now and again. Nice tree, nice view. I like to see it as the landscape around it changes. The fields just out of view have woodcock or meadowlarks in season. Maybe a bluebird or two. And harriers, usually, or a kestral. The day I took this pic I sat myself down in the tall grass there and watched a harrier for an hour or two with the sun on my face.

The leaves have finally fallen and there's talk of a bit of snow for the weekend. Only just enough to be a nuisance, though.

The Festival of the Trees should be up and running by the time many of you read this tomorrow. Be sure to stop by for a visit.


KGMom said...

Laura--I so understand keeping track of trees.
I have trees in my neighborhood that I watch. Occasionally, someone takes a tree down, and I am almost tempted to say--hey, you can't do that; that's my tree.

rcwbiologist said...

Nice picture. It makes me feel like sitting back with a good cup of coffee and a book.

Larry said...

I'll be going to a Festival Of Trees in hartford CT this week.

dguzman said...

There's a tree near me that stands all alone in a huge field. I keep thinking I need to take periodic photos of it, documenting it during the different seasons. I'll try to do that.

I love the filters you put on your photos. Really makes a nice shot into a spectacular work of art.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous image of a gorgeous tree!