Thursday, January 03, 2008

Seven month pupdate

Suffice it to say that Luka continues to grow in direct proportion to his ability to try my patience! Mostly, he's a doll, but he's learning about independence and the value of selective hearing. I think it's in that area that our training classes come in handy the most; when he's too focused on misbehaving I simply distract him with a sit/stay and generous handouts of cookies. What's really neat is that he's learned hand signals for all his commands, so that I needn't even raise my voice to scream at him.


This toy that has him all googly-eyed is the only one recently that he hasn't destroyed within minutes. Anything that's slightly soft or has even the tiniest bit of give is torn apart and strewn across the floor somewhere. This yellow rubber jack thingy he just drops (repeatedly) at or (more likely) on my feet - or even more annoying - under the legs of a chair or the dining room table out of his reach and then he sits and woofs at it until someone comes along and retrieves it for him, only to bounce it right back under whatever again. What a PITA!

We've taken to calling him 'Wiggles' lately - he greets everyone with his whole body in a side-to-side sway. And he is a master at stealing my spot on the couch should I get up to answer the phone or something; the thing that makes me forgive him that is that he is a true lap dog (except for his size, I guess) and seems to love having someone near to snuggle with!


Jayne said...

Just like a toddler! Look at that adorable face!

Laura said...

Our chocolate lab, Lily, who turns 5 this month, declared ownership over our couch a few years ago. She started by inching up onto it when no one was looking, and these days if someone is sitting in "her" spot, on "her" pillow, she plants herself in front of them and stares until they move!

We're thinking about getting another lab and every time I read your Luka posts, I'm even more tempted!

Mary said...

Yes, just like a toddler. A big, solt, loveable PITA! He's really a beautiful dog, Laura. I find it hard to believe he is 7 mos. old already.

dguzman said...

Yay, pupdates! Still missing my bunny fixes, though.

Wiggles is so cute!

KGMom said...

I confess to enjoying reading about Luka's progress--sort of a surrogate puppy for me.

LauraHinNJ said...

Jayne: Yes... I often compare him unfavorably to a two-year old!

Laura: Oh goodness... another Lab lover! Funny that our old Lab Buddy wouldn't ever dare to be up on the furniture until he was old and knew he could get away with it!

Mary: I know... looking at his puppy pics - that time seems so far away now!

Delia: I know.. sorry. The bunnies just aren't cooperating for photos lately.

KGMom: Enjoyed the same way as grandkids, no?


Laura said...

Here's an update on the comment I left you January 4. We caved!

Welcome Woody!

LauraHinNJ said...

Good news, Laura!