Saturday, February 02, 2008

Around town

Saturday errands can be such a bore, but today was a lovely day to be out and about. It felt warmish almost and there were no signs of ice on any of the local waters.

I love living with so much water close to home; there's always a little creek or river or the bay or ocean within sight. A water view always cheers me. And if there's waterfowl in winter or herons and terns in summer, well... I'm sure to be smiling.

There were a dozen or more parasurfers out on the bay this afternoon, and foolishly I didn't stop to photograph them before the wind died down. This guy had been windsailing and was just picking up his gear while I watched. Of course he insisted he was plenty warm in his wetsuit!

Even the ever-present Canada Geese are beatiful in the right light on a winter afternoon.

I visited with some gulls in a parking lot littered with broken clam shells along the river. My car and I almost ended up in that very river today due to a moment's inattention. Foolish, but I had a good laugh at myself as a result.

Yeah... I was that close to going into the drink! Pretty view, but would've been hard to explain to the tow-truck guy (or the scuba team).

So... how's the view in your neighborhood?


Rabbits' Guy said...

Snow, lots, on the hills across the fields ... down to about 500 feet! We are at about 3 feet above sea level!

gardenpath said...

I am usually not a fan of gulls, but I like that shot of the row of them. Looks like you had a nice day in spite of your near miss with the water.!

We woke to skating link driveways after the ice storm on Friday night, but the temperature rose to 44ยบ during the day, so most of the ice is gone.

Any snow there now?

bobbie said...

The view in south Jersey includes water most of the time, as in your neighborhood. Cape May is lovely, and I'm very grateful for that.
Your row of eight gulls is a wonderful shot.
Just please be careful you don't end up in the briney deep.

rcwbiologist said...

I've been feeling the pull of the ocean to body board lately. That picture of the wind surfer makes me want to grab my board and head out this morning. Unfortunately, I don't own a wet suit. Well, springs not that far off, right?

nina said...

Love the gulls on the pilings.
Your waterscapes do wonders for my stuck-in-the-middle-of-the-country blues!

Hoping to see some water today....

robin andrea said...

You really do capture the coastal beauty of New Jersey. The photograph of the eight gulls is so lovely. Please don't drive into the water though, that would not be a good thing. Although that moment's inattentiveness did get you the laugh you were looking for!

Mary said...

I'd love to have your view, Laura. Water pleases me, too. I remember taking a ten-minute drive to the DE bay just to sit there for a while, even if there were only a few gulls to see.

Your photos are wonderful!

Let's try to avoid the dock, OK? Watching a flock of "something" last week, I nearly rode over a student on the campus parking lot.

Larry said...

That was a nice soothing post.I like it when gulls line up like that.-I've got a nice view of The Connecticut River close by to my house.-My father once had a car with no parking gear.The emergency brake gave way and rolled down hill into the pond below that he waas fishing in.-At least he wasn't in it.

Susan Gets Native said...

Mary's comment made me laugh out loud. Easy, Mare!
Love the gulls....a chorus line!

winterwoman said...

Nice neighborhood! I particularly like the reflection of the goose and the line of gulls!