Thursday, February 07, 2008

Seeing spots

Have you seen this photo? Pretty amazing, isn't it? I'd imagine those to be locust or apple blossoms that are camouflaging the fawn's spotted back. Smart mama, I think, to leave her little one there.


(I have a migraine at the moment... hence the post title)


Susan Gets Native said...

Migraines suck. But that picture rocks. (softly)

Trixie said...

That is a clever momma! Ohhh...but that fawn looks a little chilly.

Sorry you are seeing spots.

bunnygirl said...

How sweet! I want to go cuddle with it!

Lynne said...

Very sweet baby. I hope your head feels better.

nina said...

Maybe your head registers the weird weather--atmospheric pressure must be tipping on it's tail with all those beautiful sunsets and warm temps.

Makes me concerned for an extreme year again--though I hope not!

As much as I'd like to hurry spring, it needs to move at a slow pace or, like you say, we'll be seeing more strangeness later.

Mary said...

I'll whisper...I hope you feel better. Even when you're not feeling too good, you are interesting. Love that photo :o)

Rabbits' Guy said...

It appears that many bloggers with bunnies are having a week of the ill and such! Well, take it easy and put first things first and then back to the old grind!

If you want winter get to the Washington State DOT site and click on mountain passes and check out the cameras for Snoqualmie, Stevens, and White passes!