Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Word cloud 3

Out of words today - so there's just this. Not much change from last year's and before you go looking, Susan, I do need to talk more about you so your name will be bigger next year.


If you want to try one for your blog,
go here.


Susan Gets Native said...

Darn skippy, you need to talk about me more.
I'm like interesting and stuff.

Mary said...

She's too much. Sweet at times, though :o)

Mine was similar to last year, too.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks for this link. I hope to post a word cloud soon too.

KGMom said...

I did this a couple of years ago, and was surprised when DEATH came up as a prominent word. Need to try it again--no doubt SOUP would be high. Oh well--thanks for the re-link.