Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big bunny fix

I've no idea just what they do in England to grow their bunnies so huge, but this guy looks about the size of my Boomer. An armload, for sure! For more super-huge bunnies, click here.


Mary said...

Now that's a HUNK A BUNNY!

Rabbits' Guy said...

The BIGGER the bunny the BETTER the bunny!

Susan Gets Native said...

That's a big-ass rabbit.

Sophia said...

I have to have a big bun next!

Anonymous said...

Well, hi there, Harvey! Sheesh.

Dr. Know said...

Wow. that could feed a family of 4 for a week.

(Sorry, couldn't resist....)

z-silverlight said...

He's as big as a little dog I had once. what, 25-30 lbs.?

z-silverlight said...
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dguzman said...

I wish I could hold a bun like that!

Carolyn H said...

Now that's a rabbit! The thing must eat its owners out of house and home and garden, too! The grocery bill must be enormous.

Carolyn H.

RuthieJ said...

Big Bunnies Rule! Just goes to show 'size does matter!' Thanks for sharing that link Laura.

LauraHinNJ said...

Mary: I know... huge.

Rabbit's Guy: You talk as one who knows, of course. I love the big ones best, too.

Susan: Did you see the size difference between the two white bunnies on that link? Unbelievable.

Sophia: Yep... they're the best.

Liza: lol! Wasn't Harvey a white bunny?

Dr. Know: I know you're mostly kidding, but I do tend to get a little cranky with people who can't resist making that particular joke. Especially considering that most of my bunnies were rescued from that exact fate in the local slaughterhouse. We all have our soft spots and that's one of mine. So there.

Feel free, however, to make as many jokes as you like about torturing cats. Those I find sort of funny.

(ducking now, too)


Z: I'd guess about 25 pounds from the look of him. My Boomer is almost 20 lbs. but not quite so big in the butt.

Delia: I'm still a little uneasy with holding the big guys. Just yesterday I had to trim everyone's nails.... I needed help with Boomer to tag team him into submission. Big bunnies have big teeth, too - thank goodness most are as sweet as pie, too.

Carolyn: Exactly, but there's plenty of free fertilizer!

Ruthie: The little ones are nice to look at, but the big ones like my flemmies are much more fun and easy-going.

I still wonder what breed those others are in that link.