Friday, April 11, 2008

For Mary

What you can't see is that the lady's holding a tiny cup of sweet nectar in the palm of her hand... an idea for you Mary, now that your hummers have found their way back to you.


Mary said...

Oh, Laura. I saw this lady in an e-mail forward recently. Amazing, isn't it?

My little male left this morning and didn't come back.

Ruthie J had hummers feed from her hand last summer, so I'm inspired to try it - if they come to stay.

Thanks for thinking of me ;-)

Jane Marie said...

My daughter was sunbathing on her deck last summer and one tried to get something from her belly button! She had a hard time trying not to laugh.

John said...

Wow! I would love to have hummingbirds eating out of my hand.

Jennifer said...

I had a chickadee eat out of my hand the other day. I think hummingbirds would be even more special! Hmm...

KGMom said...

What? getting a hummingbird to eat from your hand (or belly button)? That would indeed require keeping altogether still.
I'm afraid with my dog that barks at everything, and my cats who sit inside with their tails twitching, I would get nothing to eat from my hand.

Larry said...

That may be for Mary but it is one cool picture!

Rabbits' Guy said...

That is amazing! I can't even get three rabbits to do that!

Dr. Know said...

That is the most amazing picture I've seen in a while. Our hummers have only recently returned for the summer and although they buzz me while sitting on the deck, I can't imagine them sitting that still while that close to a human.

LauraHinNJ said...

Mary: I'm sure you could do it with enough patience and maybe if you take the summer off from that job of yours!

Jane Marie: Is your daughter's belly-button pierced maybe? With a little ruby perhaps?


John: Who wouldn't?

Jennifer: I wonder if they'd even bother to land or just feed on the fly?

KGMom: You might be surprised - hummers can be pretty bold.

Larry: Yeah, it is.

Rabbit's Guy: One word: DILL.

Dr. Know: Funny that you're thinking it summer wherever you are... where are you and will it be warm for long?


Dr. Know said...

Well, it's not quite summer yet, but the azaleas are in full bloom and everything is coming up roses. Well, maybe not roses just yet, but the daffodils have faded, even the late-blooming fragrant Winston Churchills I have planted everywhere, and the temps are approaching the 80s. It is the small window of pleasantness before 6 months of stifling heat and killing drought attach.

As for my location, to paraphrase Mark Twain, I am a citizen of the world. I was up in Boston, Cape Cod, York Maine, NYC, RI, VT, NH, and CN last Sept. Already lived in Mullica Hill, NJ, so I passed on it this time around. I like filling my own gas tank. ;-)

OK - maybe that's a cop out. I'm currently somewhere in GA suffering a great depression at having returned to the land of the utterly unenlightened. Shhh... Don't tell anyone.

LauraHinNJ said...

Dr. Know: I feel for you.. I really do.


It's nice to hear that it's warm somewhere! I shouldn't complain, really, as I like the cool days.

dguzman said...

Wow. I gotta send this pic to my mom.