Monday, June 09, 2008


Can you guess which I think is cuter?


NCmountainwoman said...

I have neither a bunny nor a kitten, so from a purely objective reader, the bunny is definitely cuter.

Trixie said...

They are both so very cute! Good heavens.

Dr. Know said...

Isn't that special!
That's so cute I'm gonna be sick...

vicki said...

Ya, ya. It's all in the nose. ;-)
So, is that a siamese bunny with the same temperature linked gene for albinism? I always thought that was a cool thing about Siamese cats, no pun intended. I bet the bunny has a more mellow temperament. I have a bunny for you today.

Susan Gets Native said...

The cat?

Just kidding!
You could title that picture, "My brotha from another mutha".

d. moll, said...


LauraHinNJ said...

NCMountainWoman: You've good taste!

Trixie: :-)

Dr. Know: Snark.


Vicki: I don't have a clue, really. I had a siamese sable bunny a couple years ago - beautiful bunny, but like all netherland dwarf bunnies he had quite the attitude! Certainly not mellow.

Off to check on that bunny of yours.

Susan: Oh you cat people!


d. moll: Correct!