Monday, September 15, 2008

Some days there just aren't enough hours

Today started out quietly enough; I got to sleep a little later than usual because it was a field day, then my first appointment wasn't at home so I had enough time between appointments to do some end-of-season sale shopping. There was even a cute dress that I almost bought.

Stop laughing - I have been known to wear an actual dress on occasion!

Two appointments later I was thinking about lunch, but instead went for a little stroll in the sand by the bay. There was a sweet phone call and laughter with a friend. Then sometime after 1 pm things went south.

My exceptional scheduling skills had me in two places at opposite ends of the county at the same time. Impossible to accomplish. I made a decision to see the client that lived in the worst neighborhood first (I like to be in and out of certain parts of town before the hoodlums are awake and standing around on the corners) with the idea that I would have my office call the other client to let her know that I'd be late. Well... another client beat me to the punch on that one and called my office to complain that it was 2:30 and she'd cancelled her dialysis treatment and sat home all day waiting and I still hadn't shown up. I mostly straightened that mess out, though I don't think I made a new friend with that lady. Pfft!

I juggled and drove in circles and that damn lady wasn't home when I got there.

Then I had a wonderful couple hours at the Y doing yoga and paying attention to my breathing and lifting weights to vent the pent up crankiness.

I came home to a crowd of neighbors standing around in the driveway with the sweetest teenage boy who'd lost control of his parent's car and ended up somewhere in the middle of my lawn. Poor kid! He was okay, but apprently the parent's car was not. Thankfully the tow truck and the police cars were gone by the time I got there. The kid had come back to apologize for messing up the lawn and was met first with my crazy neighbors who teased him to no end.

I sat down here, finally, to fill out my registration for the Fall Weekend, only to be interrupted to help the DH catch an injured gull down by the boat ramp. That went surprisingly well.

Gulls smell very fishy. Maybe not everyone knows that.

It's after 9pm and I still haven't eaten a single thing. All day.

Drank about a dozen cups of coffee though. Can't you tell?


So... I'm officially signed up for a couple days in Cape May next month and a boat tour that I hope won't be rained out like last year's. I got some other stuff done that I'd meant to do this weekend.

There's still a dozen emails staring me down.

I think I'll have a nap.


Lynne said...

What a wierd day you had. At nap sounds good.

Glad you signed up. FINALLY!!

Jayne said...

Hope you got a restorative night of pure sleep Laura. Whew! Your day wore ME out just reading about it. :c)

bobbie said...

A nap always sounds good.
Keep thinking Cape May. Maybe it will get you through any more days like that one.

NCmountainwoman said...

Amazing how a good day can go bad so quickly. Of course, every now and then a bad day turns good. Hope you have more good ones than bad as you look forward to your respite.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a day my family had last week, and we're still recovering. I printed out the form for Cape May, just have to fill it in and send it off! It's good to have a birding weekend to look forward to.

Are you going to do yoga on the beach? ;)

Wayne, PA

KatDoc said...

Laura - You've registered! Terrific, but why so early? You have days and days left. (Why am I being so snarky to this poor woman I have never met???)

How sweet that the teen came back to apologize for messing up your lawn. That sounds like one good kid.

Can't wait for some Cape May birding. And, the boat trip will NOT get rained out this year.


dguzman said...

What a day!

Man, I wish I could go to Cape May this year! But all vacation days (and dollars) are spoken for. Sigh.