Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How many days?

I wonder if it's a part of the closing down of the year that causes this almost resentful acceptance of time and distance.

Winter's coming cold brings the chance for rest and reflection... we're forced inside with time to ponder the duration of a sleepless night or the reach of one's imagination.

Plus, there's time to learn a new trick or two with PhotoShop, but very little daylight for the taking of photos.

I love Autumn most as it comes; in the subtle changes of a September day and the endless stars that fill an October night. November for me is a time for looking forward... forward to feasts with family and frosty mornings with the hope of snow by day's end. There's the sharp air and the deep, dark cold of December ahead to contend with and the summation of another year and all its memories to be remembered.

Today is the day to walk with Autumn and to know it in your eyes and ears and with your entire being. Here it is. Here we are. Here I am. Here are the owls dueting in the black locust out back as I type, announcing the season and their intentions for the future.

The days grow short as the nights grow long...

How many days till Spring?



KGMom said...

I am fascinated with what seasons attract people--and what that might say about people.
I love autumn best of all--and also enjoy winter and spring. My least favorite season--summer! I simply don't like heat.
I agree about the time for reflection afforded by diminishing daylight.
I sometimes ponder what the ancients felt--days growing shorter, the changes of the growing cycle. And I bet the ancients relished this time: time to sit around the fires and tell stories and commune.

Mary said...

I start counting on January 1 when there are 79 days until the first official day of Spring.

Jayne said...

Beautifully written Laura...
It's this time to come that makes spring so very special to me.

Susan Gets Native said...

What the Hell is the matter with you? Are you TRYING to depress me?

We have Winter so we can appreciate Spring.
And why do we have two names for the season between Summer and Winter, but all the other seasons just have one name? I'm just sayin'.

Rabbits' Guy said...


Just kidding ... Winter is good. A lot of loose ends get tied up around here. But, due to the way our view and lot slope is, there are about 2 months of very gray and chilly and spiritless surroundings.

Larry said...

I enjoyed your writing hre.It brought to mind many pleasant images from the past.I'm also look forward to many of the same things.