Thursday, November 20, 2008

Luka goes to the vet

Yeah, you can imagine what that's like!

Please note that sweet, handsome Dr. Heins is sitting on Luka in the corner. Need I say anything else?

This was the calmest moment of tonight's visit, actually. We were in for Luka's yearly exam and shots. He was weighed. He's now on a diet. Blood was drawn. That required the in-the-corner-tackle by the vet. His ears were cleaned of their yeasty goop. There's medicine for that.

Everyone survived.

We're new to
this vet practice, more or less, since Luka. I love Dr. Heins because he loves Labs and knows them inside and out. He takes his time with us and humors Luka's goofyness. Plus, he's extra generous with the cookies which makes Luka really really like him.

Anyone want to guess how much Luka weighs now?


Rabbits' Guy said...

71.34 lbs?

How great to have a learned vet!

Is this new commenting scheme cumbersome or is it just me?

LauraHinNJ said...

Too low, Rabbit's Guy!

(I'll switch back if it's awful.)

What do the rest of you think? PITA?

KatDoc said...

87 lbs and is Doc Heins single? ;)

~Kathi, who hates change, but could learn to adjust to the comment format

LauraHinNJ said...

KatDoc: Ha! Still too low. (He doesn't get near enough exercise.)

This new comment thing is supposed to be easier? (shrug)

Sorry to report that Doc Heins wears a band on his left hand.


Susan Gets Native said...

What the hell happened? Am I still on Laura's blog?

I'm gonna guess 100 pounds, 'cause he's a big ball o' Lab.

Dr. Hein is HOT.

LauraHinNJ said...

You're very close, Susan!

I guess we all don't like the new embedded comments, huh?

KGMom said...

87 lbs is STILL too low? OK--92 lbs.
Whew--glad my vet doesn't look like that. I'd be taking my animals for check-ups way too often.

egretsnest said...

I'm guessing he's 95lbs. He's a big ol' goofy lab. My labs were always good for the vet (except my first one -- the dog I learned on! :) ) but that's because they had to learn to be good in the show ring so they were used to being examined. So, I recommend you bait them like we do with show dogs. :)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's one profession that I know I couldn't do. Unless it was only goldfish patients!

bruss1510 said...

Wow - that is one goooood-looking vet! I guess 99 pounds!


bobbie said...

I'll guess 105. My Charley used to give our vet a run for his money too.

Mary said...

Laughing at Luka at the vet! So funny! We've all had visits like that. Thank goodness with vets and their sense of humor.

I'm surprised Luka is on a diet! But, I'm guessing his weight should be about 75. Perhaps he's 85?

KGMom said...

Actually--I like the new comment format.
What button did you push to get it?

RuthieJ said...

Poor Luka - looks like he's caught in the vet's stranglehold. That must have been quite an interesting vet visit.

He's not up to 100 lbs yet is he?

Floridacracker said...

91 pounds, same as Bear.

endment said...

I thought my puppy was getting big :)
What a beautiful dog - yah the vet isn't bad

Jayne said...

LOL Katdoc...was wondering who would inquire as to the kind looking vet (hunk) holding Luka. :c)

Sekhar said...

50.2 lbs :)

Dave said...

No opinions about the dog's weight, I'm just curious about the new comment system. Looks good!

LauraHinNJ said...

Well... Susan's the closest! Luka weighs... gulp... 102 lbs.

The vet says he needs to lose about 10 or so.

(Too many cookies and not enough exercise.)

KGMom: I changed the comment format to embed the form on this page, rather than linking to it on a separate one. If you poke around in your template settings, you may just find the right thingy to change yours if you like.


Mary said...

Oh, my. He'll need encouragement and some affirmation... :o)