Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A social worker quiz

Match the client or landlord's statement with the social worker's inappropriate response:

1. "Um.. I'm calling because I got a letter from you that says my share of the rent is $16.00 and I don't think that's right because my income hasn't changed... I mean I never worked so how come I got to pay $16.00 a month if I've always been on welfare?"

2. "Are you my new case manager? I don't think that's right because Miss Linda never notified me she was going out on maternity leave to have a baby and why didn't she take care of my business first? She could have notified me I was gonna have to deal with you now. Can I talk to someone else instead?"

3. "Yes ma'am. I'm calling to find out why I haven't received payment for the month of January yet?"

4. "I just want it on record with you that my toilet is overflowing."

5. "My landlord is just mad because I painted the living room without asking her first."

6. "I wanna know how come you approved me to live in this dump?!"

7. "The sheriff was just here and left a foreclosure notice on the fence. Does this mean I don't have to pay my rent this month?"


A. "Right, well... this is the government you're dealing with!"

B. "Am I hearing you right? I must not be because it sounds like you're complaining. And did you also notice that I payed the outstanding balance on your electric bill?"

C. "Maybe the real issue is that you haven't paid your rent in 11 months! And will you please just stop talking for a second?!"

D. "Pay your darn rent!"

E. "Thanks for the update. Maybe you should call your landlord?"

F. "If I remember correctly, you begged me to."

G. "Hold on while I find someone else."


Any resemblance to real or actual phone calls today from clients of mine is sad, but true.


MevetS said...



Thank you I had a bad day at work. This was great.


So when do you want to wander about Whitesbog?

LauraHinNJ said...

Steve: Bad day? Ha!

This was just a small sample of today's catastrophies.

(I love my job!)

Tundras at Whitesbog would be a dream.

Send an email when you have a minute.


KGMom said...


LauraHinNJ said...

KgMom: You're close!

(All teachers love a good quiz, I know.)


KGMom said...

You are right--I can't resist.
And, you should have seen me taking it. Sitting there, tongue sticking out (just kidding on that last part).

Anonymous said...

Oooo, your bad days make mine seem not so bad. Thanks! No one called me all week telling me their toilet was overflowing.

I want to know what KGMom's grade is! :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

And you actually accept pay to work in that kind of a set up???

(Gads ... I would not last a day ... scary )

Jayne said...

(((((Laura))))) What a day!

Anonymous said...

All right, these folks aren't suffering from a lack of feeling connected to a community as I so naively stated in a previous comment.

Sounds like there is a huge disconnect between what they feel is owed to them and reality.

Hope you find enough birds each weekend to cleanse the voices from your mind.

Wayne, PA

NCmountainwoman said...

One can only imagine your facial expressions when you receive such calls.

robin andrea said...

I love a good quiz! Here are my guesses:

1. B
2. G
3. A
4. E
5. C
6. F
7. D

Susan Gets Native said...

I'm so glad my birds can't talk. Imagine the day I would have:

These jesses are bugging me. Can't you just trust me and take them off?

I only got one rat today. I'm supposed to get one rat and three mice. Why don't you do your job?


So, in your job, do you ever want to rip off your own head and throw it at someone?

LauraHinNJ said...

All: And the prize goes to Robin Andrea!


100% correct!

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh and Susan: The oven. I want to stick my head in the oven.