Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beyond to spring

I met the moveable feast of Spring a bit ahead of schedule; found it spread with sun among the mountains and laughed at my urge to escape the last bitter days of a too long winter.

Where shade lies deep in hilly woodlands, trilliums were hurried to bloom in the unseasonable heat of an early March day.

Patches of bluets frosted the early green of grass at our feet and tempted the eye of passing butterflies.

Among the leaf mold on rocky hillsides we found hepatica blooming and the promise of dogtooth violets in the dampness alongside the river.

Lush ferns and mosses trailside hinted at the beauty that'll come later when the mountain laurel and rhododendron bloom above them.

With any luck, I'll find these same beauties closer to home in a couple weeks, with the same wonder and hope in my heart, reaching still for something beyond.

Spring... have you wandered to find it yet?



Anonymous said...

We keep checking for signs, such as the first trout lilies but no luck yet. maybe warmer temps predicted this week will cause spring to break out. I have seen the tips of skunk cabbage popping up.
Please try to get across the state to Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve just across the Delaware River in PA south of New Hope. It's worth the trip in spring. Here's the link, for you to check it out. (Sorry, Luka's not welcome)
g beetham

Lynne said...

Nothing growing yet, but Wednesday morning brought my first Red-winged Blackbird and Robins have been singing. We're supposed to make mid-50's today and Art and I are headed to Hasty!! Yahoo!!!!!!

cedrorum said...

Cherry blossoms and red maple are starting to bud here. Although its in the 40s and raining today.

bobbie said...

Butterflies? Really? So early? Lucky you!

I have crocuses blooming, and the miniature daffodils. The larger daffodils are just budding.

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely post and beautiful photographs.

Mary said...

My eyes are always scanning the roadsides. Yesterday in the pouring rain, I saw a field of bluets so pretty! Wish I had my camera...

Dave said...

That's cheating!

LauraHinNJ said...

Dave: Yep, I cheated and I went to spring for a couple days. Worth it!


Mary: I love that about them... that they grow in great groups.

NCMountainWoman: Yeah, thanks.

Bobbie: I saw a couple spring azures... sweet little blue butterflies.

Cedrorum: Soon!

Lynne: Have fun!

GBeetham: It's on my list for this spring I think. Thanks for the link!

dguzman said...

Oh Laura--you know how I love it when you do boreal flowers posts! Someday, we'll have to go for a walk together so you can show me all these neat flowers.