Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A box of goodies

The magic of a good teacher-naturalist lies in live props, I think.

Tonight was the children's program at our monthly Audubon meeting and this guy had the kids enthralled with his box of tricks... tree frogs and turtles and the hugest boa constrictor I've ever seen.

Every kid had the chance to (gently) touch each animal and that goes a long way to keeping their attention, of course. I wish that our chapter did more outreach to kids in the community to get them interested in nature, but this program for kids once a year is the best we can manage, usually.


Susan Gets Native said...

Well, heck Laura! Fly me in with some of my birdies! Raptors are WAY cooler than SNAKES.

MevetS said...

Once a year? Wow, that seems pretty paltry.

Do the kids programs need to be coincident with the regular programs?

My astronomy club has as variety of separate programs for kids, distinct from the regular meetings.

Surly, you could do that as well?

KGMom said...

I agree with Susan--raptors rock!

Anyway, one night a year--hey, that's a start.

bobbie said...

It's sure better than nothing. I'm glad you're trying to involve the kids.

dguzman said...

Sometimes that's all it takes--just that one time, and their eyes are opened forever. So it's something!

cedrorum said...

That looks like fun even for an adult.