Monday, April 13, 2009


Books say improbable things about Bloodroot like that it blooms in colonies and that its seeds are spread around the forest by ants.

If the ants were doing their job, Bloodroot would be easier to find. The woods would be carpeted with it, like they are with Spring Beauties and Squill, now.

As it is, I have to get my knees muddy searching for it. If the forest faeries are feeling a need for amusement, they'll send a couple teenagers along the path to find me butt-up and nose-down in the shady leaf mold.

Pride and decorum be damned, there's only so many spring days to find Bloodroot. I'm glad to have enjoyed it for another year.


KatDoc said...

Beautiful, Laura!

I missed the blooms of bloodroot both last year and this yer, only finding leaves and seed pods.


bobbie said...

You paint quite a picture!

But I'm sure it's worth your efforts. Your pictures are wonderful!

NCmountainwoman said...

I have never encountered a colony of bloodroot, but wouldn't that just be a sight? Nice photographs of one of my favorites.

Lynne said...

When I was little we used to pick the leaves and dot our faces with the red sap- until a friend broke out in a terrible rash!

Sekhar said...

Really beautiful shots. Seems like you enjoyed clicking these :)

dguzman said...

You know how much I love your boreal wildflower posts. My little heart is skipping around, all happy, because of this one.

And I assure you that my glee has nothing whatsoever to do with the image of you "butt-up and nose-down" on some forest path... nothing whatsoever!

Susan Gets Native said...

Mental image now burned into my brain. Thank, Laura.

gardenpath said...

Hey Laura, get yourself one of those foam gardening kneelers. They work great for photography.

The bloodroot shots are beautiful. I can just see them matted and framed in a group.

Endment said...

we haven't seen any yet
what beautiful photos!

MevetS said...

Nice pictures.

Where would one find you "butt up" looking at them?

LauraHinNJ said...

MevetS: I might tell you if you'll share where at Whitesbog you found those white-fringed orchids?


Endment: Thanks... the looking is half the fun.

Sandy: Hi... yeah, I'm just learning to like looking at my own pics in frames. Thanks for the suggestion.

Susan: Ahem. Be nice. I have a couple pics of you butt-up I could always post, you know.


Delia: Pfft.

Sekhar: Hi and thanks!

NCMountainWoman: It would be, yeah. I think it's a favorite of mine, too, mainly cause I know where to find it!

Lynne: That's something else all the books say... that the sap is toxic. Oops!

Bobbie: Thanks.

KatDoc: Too bad... go north maybe for it?


Lené Gary said...

What is squill? Your flower photographs are just lovely, Laura.