Friday, April 10, 2009

Celebrating spring

I feasted on some familiar delights today... daffs and crocus and forsythia, a beginner's yoga class that left me feeling competent for a change (!), a longish walk with Luka past the neighborhood raspberry fields with their huge clump of purple hyacinths blooming right in the middle, the soft fur on Boomer's cheek with his big ears drooping to meet my fingers, the local osprey pair rebuilding their cell tower nest after it was removed this past winter, newly arrived great egrets stalking the creek at low-tide... all brought a comfortable smile to my face.

How did you celebrate this day?


Rabbits' Guy said...

Our local Running Club has the spring Tulip Run tomorrow. 1200 runners. Today was volunteers day ... my assignment was driving around picking up donations of post-race food .. a huge box of oranges and about 35 loaves of a variety of fresh baked bread from two different small, local bakers.

It was odd... the donation person at each of the three places told me thanks! Giving still feels good and means something to folk! I sometimes think we don't make enough opportunities for others to give, especially to causes/events/people that matter to them.

KGMom said...

Not sure how celebratory this is, but we pumped out our swimming pool, in preparation of getting a new liner.
Then this evening, our son & his wife drove in from out of town, so we all went out for dinner. That was celebration.

bobbie said...

Your photos are so lovely - beautiful, delicate blossoms.

Unfortunately, I am celebrating with a heck of a head cold. I'll have to wait to really enjoy the season.

g beetham said...

Love the fact that you're beginning yoga. My wife thought that I should send this link to you so that you and Luka can enjoy yoga together.

MevetS said...

I celebrated by purchasing a new camera. My old one had an accident in Mexico. :-(

Have fun with the yoga.

Endment said...

Spring is beginning to come here
Your photos are nourishment to my hungry soul