Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good things and W. Va.

things with feathers, susan and the laugh that breaks free and gets loose, barred owls that talk back, dessert with every meal, curvy busrides, porch swings and the secrets they gently coax out of the dark, breakfast with bats, kathie's meticulous journaling, mountainsides that leak water and are drenched in wildflowers, the happy sound of laughter late at night, round hay bales and curious cows, a dry set of clothes before dinner, fitting in easily, small brindled dogs, ramps, nina's quiet smile, the squishy sound of mud underfoot, buttercups in the side yard, the first sweetcorn of the season, ovenbirds that court under a blanket of stars, a bowl of pistachios shared over the day's photos, ironed-dry jeans, biscuits with everything, cowbell on the fly, people who imitate the drumming of grouse, morrells with scrambled eggs...

Help me to remember more?


Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, Laura. You made me tear up. You stinker.
I have to go and think about this and come back later. You covered quite a bit already!
Ah...that porch swing. Good thing it can't talk!

dAwN said...

Beautiful tribute to the Flock at new river.

Rabbits' Guy said...

It was going well untill the Morels part .. mushrooms - yeeechhhhhhhhhh .. how do people eat them????

nina at Nature Remains. said...

foggy mornings packed in someone's car, chairs stolen from a neighboring table for dinner, music falling over a darkened room of smiling faces, hugs freely given

helping you remember