Saturday, May 09, 2009

World Series Day

Sandy Hook Century Run Team 2009

(except for the ones who bailed out before 5 pm.) Note Linda in front in dead bug posture.

We had a fantastic day and ended with 134 species! Wow! What I love about Sandy Hook, and what I guess I missed birding in W. Va. is variety and the chance to witness migration as it happens.

There were Palm Warblers in every beach plum

and Clapper Rails that played hide-and-seek all day long

cooperative Cuckoos

and Yellow Warblers willing to pose

and the most spectacular sunset to end the day.

But there were also flocks of shorebirds, and Blue Jays, and a nice little hawk movement when the fog finally lifted, and Fowler's Toads calling in the dunes, and Nighthawks, and a Mississippi Kite or two, and night herons taking off from North Pond at dusk...

I could go on and on, but I'm tired enough to be delirious. 16 hours of birding will do that, I think.


Rabbits' Guy said...

I owe ya $13.40 .. woo hoo! How and where to send it?

Looks like you had nice weather.

Gads .. 134 species. Are there really that many birds?

Let's see ... Robin, Finch, Sparrow, Crow, Heron ,, uh ...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had great weather -- you deserved the chance to see birds without wearing a raincoat.

134 is great! I think that most of those would be lifers for me.

Wayne, PA

Patrick Belardo said...

The weather was a miracle for sure. You can't make out my horrible sunburn in the pic. It was a great time and well worth the charred skin. Terrific photos!

dguzman said...

Nice total! Now did you clap your hands to bring out the Clapper Rails?