Sunday, June 07, 2009

Another look

A toad's facial expression doesn't seem to change much from moment to moment.


Easy for me to say, right? I'm not about to become its next meal.

This pic shows a bit more detail... the three or more warts on the largest dark spots that help to differentiate between the Fowler's and a plain old American Toad.

There's also some rubbish in books about the shape of cranial crests and their nearness to the parotoid glands that helps distinguish one toad from another. I know Fowler's by
their call, first. It's a long, "Waaaaaaaaa" that sounds almost like a baby crying. Not as sweet a sound as the first Peepers of spring, but a welcome sound in the Barrens nonetheless.


SNJGardener said...

In any case the toad is a favorite predator of organic gardeners.

bobbie said...

I met a toad in my garden this morning myself. We spoke briefly, then he hopped on his way down the walk. (But I took his picture first.)

Patrick Belardo said...

I do a pretty mean Fowler's Toad impression, if I do say so myself. I'm referring to the call, not the disinterested look on their faces.

Mary said...

When there several on the pond at night, it's time to close the windows!!!!

MevetS said...

Sounds more like a duck to me.