Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ducklings in the rain

I broke The Rules today and fed the wildlife... only to entice the peepers a little closer to my lens.

It was whole wheat, at least.


Mama looks quite pleased with her progeny, I think.

Click on the pic to see her smile.


Beth said...

wow - baby ducks are everywhere. Delia's blog, my blog and your blog. Gotta love the babies.


Mary said...

Whole wheat. Yes. That's good.

KGMom said...

So if we use whole wheat, we can feed them?
Not around my house--because they think the pool is their pond as it is.
But I do love the little ones.

Jayne said...

She is smiling! Too cute!

bobbie said...

I love spring, and all the little critters!

Endment said...

Great photo Laura

By the way
Happy Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy belated!

Wayne, PA

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yea, well ... isn't that why most ponds have the thing with duck-food in it and a sign that says "in case of emergency, break glass"?

Heck, at one lake we go to, they have these old bubblegum machines that you put a nickle in and get a handful of corn to feed them with! Maybe the ducks put them up!