Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MCAS field trip

Monmouth County Audubon's first Fall field trip is this Saturday at 9 am at the Rocky Point section of Hartshorne Woods.

I'm not sure that we can expect to see very many birds, but I think this is the best time of the year to be out looking for them! The nights are getting chilly, beach plums are ripening, dog-day cicadas are in full chorus and goldenrods, boneset, and asters are in bloom.

If you're in the neighborhood, why not join us!


Vern said...

Sounds wonderful...New Jersey in the fall is famous for its Warblers. In the past I have dropped in on Audubon Field trips in other places. I now have a link to MCAS field trip list, so who knows maybe some time soon. Good Birding this Saturday!

MevetS said...

Be sure to bring sun screen and bug spray. :-)

Mary said...

Sounds great but I'm not in the neighborhood.

Who took that photo of you on the beach with your camera? It's WONDERFUL!!!

dguzman said...

Love the new profile pic!

Have fun! Wish I were there.

Susanna H. said...

I wish I could be there! The last and perhaps only time I've been in New Jersey was when I was stranded at Newark airport at the age of 16!

I'm actually watching for your next rabbit post. I had mini-lops, Bernadette the Bully and poor Violet.

MevetS said...

Yeah, nice new profile picture. ;-)