Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reluctant Chicken Farmer revealed

When he's not tending to his chickens or garden, or ranting about something or other, my brother Kevin moonlights as a computer geek.

Isn't he cute?

We got together tonight so he could load PhotoShop onto my shiny new Mac, but there was a technical snafu, so that didn't happen.

My computer geek brother brought home the Windows version of PS rather than the Mac version.

(rolling my eyes)

I took the opportunity to harass him some about not updating
his blog in weeks. I helped my niece with her math homework. I got a tour of his new barn, but the chickens were already asleep.

Early-risers apparently.

Do you have a sibling with a skill that makes them your *go-to person* for something? What is it? Do they usually come through for you?


In addition to his computer skills, I can always count on Kev to keep me laughing.


Jayne said...

Everyone needs someone who knows their 'puters! It's my hubby here, thankfully. Nothing is more appreciated. :c)

Patrick Belardo said...

I'm the computer sibling in my fam. My brother participates in BBQ competitions and has won quite a few awards for his ribs and pulled prk. Plus he's a classically trained chef, so he's the guy to go to for good eats.

KGMom said...

Laura--by chance is the chicken farmer the oldest sib?
I am the oldest in my family--and have thus been the go-to person. For my brother, I have always been the big sister. And I have tales to tell. For my sister, I have of late been the stand-in for wise advice, such as our mother would give, were she still living.
My brother and my sister are, however, dear to me--and I can so understand your reliance on your brother.

Susan Gets Native said...

My brother seems to have taken over the role of Mr. Fix-It-All, in the absence of our Dad.. Lawn mowers, cars, etc.
I do my best to take care of things myself, so I don't ask him for every little thing.
And for all of his usual grumpiness, he never complains about helping me.

ReluctantChickenFarmer said...
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ReluctantChickenFarmer said...

Do I really rant ? Hmmm. Must be genetic I think. Thanks Dad. The other day when coming home from a "wine tasting" thingy, my sister-in-law mentioned something about politics. Big mistake after some "wine tasting" thingy. I guess I have a tendency of speaking loudly and others think that I am angry or something. Funny. They have never really seen me angry, except for my wife, and she knows I do dopey stuff when I get mad, like break stuff. Duh. But to make a long story short (thanks Dad), my wife told me I was starting to sound like "my father". Uh oh. In other words (thanks Dad), I guess I rant. Sometimes. Like just now. LOL. Sorry.

fourwindsphotojournal said...

Are you up and going with it now? I don't photoshop on my mac, but someday...

My husband is tech guy. Pretty handy, really, and I don't have to pay him $50 an hour!

Pablo said...

I have a brother who is a doctor, another brother who is a physical therapist, two sisters who are nurses, a brother who is a math teacher, and a sister who is a lawyer, but I don't go to any of them for help.

I do have a son-in-law who is a computer genius though, and I'm pestering him all of the time.