Saturday, October 03, 2009

The best season ever

Dear Summer,

For a few weeks after Labor Day I pretend you won't leave me. I stroll along the empty beach and wade, alone, in the still-warm water. Trees somewhere else might be screaming with color and light, but here at the shore, the sky is higher and the sea darker. Tiny sanderlings dart from the waves at my feet. I close my eyes and breathe you in, thinking you're the best season and I will love you forever.

Then, with a quick sweep of goldenrod over the dunes, you're gone.

I'll admit to having feelings for Fall, but left as I am, now, with earlying evenings and doles of rain, I'm tempted to flee south and pursue you elsewhere. It's nothing serious, yet, but there will be apple orchards and pumpkin farms to visit and cranberries ripening in the Pine Barrens. I think you should know that Autumn will tempt my heart away if you're not generous enough with sunny days.

Icy arrows are pointing the way. Egrets and plovers and laughing gulls blend feathers with sky and are gone with you.

I want to go, too.

I want your misty dawns and searing afternoons, your shimmering lakes and dusks freckled with fireflies. I want sun-warmed tomatoes and fresh strawberries.

Missing you already,


Jayne said...

Which makes summer's return even more anticipated and special each year. I love having things to look forward to, and now its fall's turn. :c)

bobbie said...

Pure poetry, Laura.
But each new season brings its own beauty. (Well, I could really do without the beauty of winter, if you want the truth.)

fourwindsphotojournal said...

I love fall best, but will be SO ready with summer swings by again. God, or maybe Mother Earth had a pretty good idea when she invented seasons.

MevetS said...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I like pretty much everything about summer, except for the high temperatures.

And the bugs.

And the humidity.

And the weekend traffic.


Let it Snow!

NCmountainwoman said...

When I lived in Wisconsin, I never appreciated fall, knowing that it would herald the gray cold days of winter. Here in NC I have learned once more to love the autumn. But like you, I will miss the summer tomatoes and berries.

Lovely ode to summer.

KGMom said...

Some of us seek other seasons to love--I am for fall. So, I am now entering the best of all seasons.

Larry said...

You write so well.It makes Summer sound appealing even though it's number 4 on my list of seasons.It's good to know that Summer doesn't have to worry about being lonely.

Mary said...

Laura you made me cry.

Lené Gary said...

Awesomely said! Tugging at my heart ... beautiful, Laura. :)

Elizabeth said...

Bravo, Laura! Simply gorgeous. We in Atlanta are picking the last of Summer's grape tomatoes AND planting Winter veggies, a kind of turning in each direction. A warm swim in the lake this weekend extended summer's pleasure, but a cold rain falls outside our door this morning...

Brian said...

Hi Laura, Summer's definetly my favorite, with Spring a close second. Hey, my friend Gary wants to know how to tell the sex of a rabbit? He bought a few on a recent trip to Pa. Can you advise?

LauraHinNJ said...

Bri: *Bought* a few?


Bought *a few*?

(double ick)

Um... the females would be the ones that end up pregnant and have lots more little bunnies that'll need homes.

Seriously... bunnies can reproduce really young, so your friend'll want to sex them pretty quick.

A local pet shop ought to be able to help with that... there's a way to do it by pressing (gently) on their private bits and studying the shape of what pops out.

(sort of like reading tea leaves, I imagine)

There's a bunch of websites with pics of where to press and what shapes to look for, but I don't have any links handy. You might try the House Rabbit Society's site.

Wish him luck!

And please suggest he keep them bunnies indoors.

(bunny lover I am)

LauraHinNJ said...

Don't they write songs about the Georgia rain, Elizabeth?


A coworker is going to Atlanta to visit friends and was complaining about the forecasted rain through Columbus Day and I made the same comment to her.

Didn't cheer her any though.

dAwN said...

That was just beautiful!

dguzman said...

Fall and I have been going steady for YEARS, lady, so keep your hands to yourself!

Much as I love summer, Fall has my heart and Spring has my soul.